The film Ishq Tera starring Mohit Madaan and Hrishitaa Bhatt is all set to hit the theatres on April 27. It is based on based on real life events of a woman with a broken mind and a man with a broken heart. The story of how men prey silently on this one disturbed Woman as her man fights to free her mind and win her heart again and again! Recently, we got in touch with Ishq Tera’s producer Deepak Bandekar; he spoke about his journey, his film Ishq Tera and his experience with the whole cast of the film & much more!

Excerpts from the interview:

1. Firstly, please tell our readers something about yourself, how did you start your journey?

– I was born and brought up in the tiny little state of Goa, in a Business family, with a 4 generation long history in Mining, Exports, Hospitality, Real Estate, and Education. I have a technical background in Education, with a Degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in International Business from UK.

The silver screen has always fascinated me. I am a big movie buff, and I love art in all forms, whether acting, stage performances, music, etc, and this brought me into the Filmy Duniya, with the upcoming movie ISHQ TERA.

2. How did Ishq Tera happened to you?

– The Director Jojo D’Souza made it all happen for me. We have been friends for over 20 years, and he had been associated with our Business House in various creative works. I had never seen the creativity of a director in him, until he came with the script and asked me if i would be interested in doing a proper commercial Bollywood Film.

3. What made you produce Ishq Tera, what was that one thing that made your mind for producing this film?

– The script and content is the deciding factor. Specially when the story was narrated by Ms. Diksha Singh, whose real life events inspired the story, it was a deciding factor for me to take this through ahead.

4. How was the experience of working with the whole cast of the film?

– A fun experience, where one gets to learn a lot; sometimes the fun way, and sometimes the hard way. Being a new Production House, we were blessed to get a lot of support from the entire Cast.

5. What all things you keep in mind before backing any project?

– Firstly, in terms of business, I would first follow my instincts. Sometimes you need to run before you can walk. We are new to this, and hence our risk has been minimal. We have learnt a lot along the way, and continue to do so. A few things to be kept in mind, could be like, what is the quantum of investment, what are the guaranteed returns, what is our competition in that segment, and how can we deliver something different.

6. Lastly, what’s next?

– We hope to continue to do more on the Silver Screen, may it be theatrical releases, or just digitally, whether movies, short films, episodes or series.

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