We have heard about a lot of Bollywood dostanas, but this one really left us going “Awwww!” Now we don’t know what the equation between Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor is, but the duo seemed in very good spirits on Karan Johar’s chat show. While rumours about things between them going sour have been doing the rounds for some time now, there’s a new character on the scene.

Imran Khan, Abhay Deol

Enter Abhay Deol. It seems that Imran Khan and the Dev D star have bonded quite well lately. In fact, Imran liked Abhay so much that he suggested that his character in the film Break Ke Baad be named after Abhay! And it looks like the makers of the film relented, though they went with Gulati as the last name for Imran’s character.

So Abhay Gulati in ‘Break Ke Baad’ is named after Abhay Deol! Are there any similarities between the reel and real life Abhay? Well, looking at Abhay Gulati’s affiliation for commitment on one hand and Abhay Deol’s perpetually hush-hush relationships on the other hand, we think the answer is in the negative.

Now we’re wondering whom Deepika Padukone’s character, Aaliya Khan, is based on…

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