Govinda is known to walk in with his larger than life and larger than hero persona. When on frame, his garish dressing to impromptu acting can’t help but grab your attention. For all the right reasons, Govinda has inspired a generation of actors to render quirk in their work, have the vivacious energy to lure audiences and remain experimental still.


It is unlikely that Govinda would have risked playing a villain in the best phase of his career. In an interview to Koimoi, Govinda explained why despite having reservations, he did take up a grey role in Kill Dil. He said, “I was hesitant to do a villain’s role because I have never done it before. When Shah Rukh Khan played a villain in Darr, it worked because of its correct presentation. You know, when a hero is playing a villain’s role, it is important how he is presented. YRF presents a villain like a hero who has his own distinct perspective and seems correct in his place. A villain is not a baddie per say but a point of view of another character.”

Govinda in a still from movie 'Kill Dil'
Govinda in a still from movie ‘Kill Dil’

Continuing from it, he agreed that he wasn’t keen on Kill Dil because he wasn’t sure how honest he could be with his character. He quipped, “What’s the point of playing something that won’t be memorable.”

But in the trailer, Govinda eats up much of the focus. Despite Ranveer and Parineeti’s scorching screen presence, the trailer reeked of Govinda. Probably the film will do the same but Govinda disagrees. He doesn’t intend to gobble up anyone else’s screen presence. He explains, “I am not comparing. I am not competing with Ranveer, I am complimenting the actors and the story. When you are competing, you think differently. When you are with the hero on the script and want each others role to be enhanced.”

Kill Dil starring Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra and Ali Zafar is all set to hit the screens soon. The highlight of the film is indeed Govinda who plays a smashing villain in the film.

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