Amitabh Bachchan did not have the slightest idea what was coming his way when he publicly criticized (Read More) the editor of Raavan (Read: Review) for a damp ending and snipping out Abhishek’s good shots. Sreekar Prasad, the editor of Raavan has won seven National Awards in his 27-year long career and has edited for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and English films.

In a recent interview, Abhishek Bachchan clearly stated that linguistic differences did not affect the cast and crew though most of them were from south India, “I am more south Indian than they are. I didn’t feel alienated; I’m the baby of the unit. I’ve literally grown up in Madras Talkies (Mani Ratnam’s production company)!”

If Abhishek felt so much at home with the South Indian crew, we wonder why Amitabh had to target Prasad for the downfall of the film. The senior Bachchan didn’t seem to have any complaints when Prasad edited Abhishek and Mani’s earlier films, Yuva and Guru.

By Koimoi Team

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