This Superstar is making to the headlines almost every day now! From getting papped with his family to his movie shootings, this actor is all over these days.

But what’s grabbing our attention is his closeness with his estranged partner. Soon after his partner left him, it was a bit difficult for him to move on.

This actor has dealt with the situation respectably. But from last few days, these two have always been spotted together by the paparazzi. This looks like that their issues have been resolved. But the close friends of the actor have denied it and say that nothing can be worked out between the two. The actor still cares too much for the extended families but there’s no sign of coming back together.

Recently, the duo went together for a holiday with friends and family, a room list was circulated along with the itinerary that had separate rooms for the actor and his ex-partner. He wanted everyone to know this just put all speculations to rest.

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