Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut says that she is inactive on social media because of nasty trolls and frustration from different people, but she feels that one of its advantages is that people can use the medium to clarify their stands and dispel rumours.


“I am inactive so I don’t miss it (social media) but what I definitely see…. Certainly one of the good things about such mediums is that you can actually clarify your stand when you are sort of facing rumours and misunderstood. The bad things is that you are susceptible to all kinds of nasty trolls and frustrated people who are just out to show their frustration regardless of whosoever it is and you get subjected to that sort of hatred which is inhuman,” Kangana told IANS to a query why she stays away from social media.

Social media helps people in clarifying their stands: Kangana Ranaut
Social media helps people in clarifying their stands: Kangana Ranaut

She also added that she wants to stay away from negative things in life and this is the reason why she is not active on social media platforms.

Recently Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s tweet made headlines when he indirectly pointed out at the actress on the micro blogging site. “Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope and any of d (Im sure wonderful) women d media hs ben naming. Thanks but no thanks,” he had posted.

His reaction came post the Tanu Weds Manu Returns actor’s comment that she “fails to understand why exes do silly things to get attention”.

Taking back the words, Kangana sought to end the row by saying that she doesn’t want to “dig the grave yet again”.

She contended that on social media, different people take “one statement in a thousand different ways and hence it gets difficult to clarify to everyone”.

“The way you perceive things is different from what other person feels. It creates certain negative environment. As a person I live only for myself and for those for whom I make movies. I impress myself through my work and that’s what I focus on. I don’t care about anyone,” she retorted.

The National award winning actress also says that if she has to clarify something, she “believes in releasing an official statement”.




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