Filmmaker Boney Kapoor was hospitalised yesterday (15th March) after he complained of acute pain in his lower back. He was admitted at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai and is awaiting an MRI scan. The doctors could not conduct the scan yesterday because the procedure required him to be steady and straight for 20 minutes. Because of his pain, Boney was unable to do so and has been given painkillers so that they can perform an MRI scan on him today.

Boney Kapoor, Sridevi

The Wanted producer was undergoing physiotherapy in the hospital on account of his pain on Monday. But as his condition deteriorated, he was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, where doctors admitted him immediately. Boney’s wife, Sridevi hasn’t left his side since yesterday and is still in her grey and black track suit, trying to hide her anxiety behind forced smiles before the stream of visitors. Boney’s brother Anil Kapoor is also with him in the hospital.

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