Yet another starry tantrum tale. This time it’s newbie Anushka Sharma who’s getting blacklisted for her unreasonable behaviour.

Anushka Sharma - Has Success Gone To Her Head?

With three successful films in a row, Anushka seems to have become a tad demanding now. Reports about the Band Baaja Baaraat star delaying replies to scripts, asking for better vanity vans, hiking her price and tagging her entourage along are beginning to irk filmmakers. While this may be the work of some nasty rumour mongers on the roll, there’s no smoke without a fire. Not long ago, even Sonam Kapoor was accused of throwing her weight around during the filming of Mausam, and recently Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra drew flak for creating a ruckus during their respective flights.

Maybe the tantrum throwing and demanding VIP treatment is all part of the phases of a star. We’re just hoping Anushka grows out of it, and fast!

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