The FIFA World Cup fever is in the air and Bollywood stars are no exception. Take Abhishek Bachchan who’s been a soccer fan since donkey’s years. Way back in 1994, Paa Amitabh Bachchan had taken Abhishek on a surprise visit to the US, where Abhishek witnessed the iconic 1994 Italy Vs Brazil FIFA finals. In the same match   Italy’s Roberto Baggio took the last penalty, but his kick went over the cross-bar and the Brazilians won the title.

Abhishek confesses to being an ardent Brazil fan. But will he be there to support the team this time around in South Africa? “Am I going? I would love to go. I am trying to bully my father and say ‘Come on, let’s go!'” he told Koimoi.

But the actor’s been super busy of late. He recently returned to Mumbai after shooting in Turkey and Greece for the upcoming thriller, Game, and is now busy promoting Mani Ratnam’s Raavan. From there he’ll be heading for friend Rohan Sippy’s next film’s shoot, Dum Maaro Dum.

Maybe the iPad he recently gifted to Rohan Sippy was a bribe to let him off the shoot so that they could catch the FIFA world cup?  “No. I just gifted it to him because he’s a technophile. Actually, I want to arm-twist Rohan to come along too, because he’s also a football fan,” quips Abhishek.

After all, just like all diehard football fans, Abhishek is adamant. “I am trying to work it out. I hope I can make the time.”

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