Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

He in not King or Dabangg Khan. Most call him the Perfectionist Khan and the actor begs to differ. This time he prefers calling himself the communicator. The actor whose Season 2 of the hit talk show Satyamev Jayate is all set to go live tomorrow pointed out to Koimoi 9 Reasons why this time the show will gustier, sharper and mostly way more empowering. Read On :


Reason 01 : The biggest learning from Satyamev Jayate 1 was wherever people have worked in a collective manner and have not thought individually and selfishly but more as group, there we have seen prosperity. The best way to do well is to remain as a group. It is extremely beneficial to us. Most of our problems finally boil down to the patriarchal thinking we have, existent in both men and women. It is the root cause of many of our other problems like domestic violence or dowry et al. It is crucial at this moment to empower women and that is one of the show’s most crucial motives this time.

Reason 2 : Satyamev Jayate be shown in three parts this season. The reason is that each episode is so heavy and so crucial that we as a team want the audiences to understand and ponder over the topics well before moving to the other ones. There is a need to slow down the pace and allow space for people to absorb for greater retention. We are blocking off three months of the year for Satyamev Jayate. In these months, everY Sunday we will telecast our show.

Reason 3 : There was news we will be shooting in Bihar about Dashrath Manjhi’s life. That is untrue. We did not go to Bihar to shoot. We shot him in the last season’s finale episode itself, which was titled Idea Of India. People often have this idea that, ‘Ek akele aadmi se kya ho sakta hai.’ Atleast after that episode one cannot say that line again. Manjhi took 22 years to break through the mountain and make a path. It was a very inspirational story and this time we went to Gaya was to officially announce the second season of Satyamev Jayate. We finally took off from where we left off last time, awed by the inspirational thinking of determined people.

Reason 4 : There has been no difference in how I approach the show, or how I behave. A section of people felt I cried too much but I am afraid that’s how I am. I’m very emotional and when I hear a heartbreaking story I can’t pretend otherwise. I broke down many times on the show but scenes of me crying will be slashed out neatly from the episode.

Reason 5 : After Season 1 a lot of people connected to the show and hence we decided to include the audiences too this time in our anthem song. The team that was shooting it decided to travel across India and get people to sing a line. It is a collage of people from different walks of life, different age groups, different socio economic backgrounds and so on. There are three or four shots of mine too. We wanted to reflect that people have taken over the movement that we had started and hence this is how we have done it.

Reason 6 : Well this show is very educative, especially for me when I was told about the laws that exist. Every episode unfailingly shocked and surprised me. Personally when I met people,I learnt how people are battling lives so powerlessly and yet they have such internal strength, dignity and goodness in them. That’s a great thing to be shared and to learn for all.

Reason 7 : Satyamev Jayate will surely teach the value of the power of forgiveness. That was biggest value I learnt from it. Where a mother talks about her son who was killed with such love and dignity. Yet, has no anger for the person who has killed him. (Aamir broke down at this cue)

Reason 8 : Many allegations were leveled against us. many even stooped to the extent of saying that the channel wants me to cry on the show. But frankly, the channel has been very supportive. Never have I been told to commercialize it to get TRPs. And hence everything we portray is kept as undiluted as possible, in its best form. ​

​​​Reason 9 : We have decided to incorporate sharper action points this time in Season 2. It is more inclusive as we have introduced something called Vote For Change campaign ​. There will be a toll free number on which people can give a missed call responding to questions ​​we ask in course of the show. We have taken a lot of care in making our website more easy to navigate hence our audiences can reach to us, know about us better. ​All this is an attempt to get more and more people to join the movement we have started. We have used the lines, “Sirf Hungama Khada Karna Hamara Maksad Nahin Hai. Hamari Koshish Ye Hai Ki Surat Badalni Chahiye.” Social Transformation cannot be provoked but we can help educate and empower for such drastic social change to occur.

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  1. amir charge 5 cr for each episode of Satyamev Jayate 2…. wowwwwww what a social work by amir… and mohar basu praising his super favrote actor…

    • Atleast we will talk on the issues, rather silently accusing people of earning on the show, which might as well be donated in the later stage, who knows… guess you :p


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