We know that there is no other ‘masala’ film maker in Bollywood who can give competition to Sajid Khan (well, his sister Farah Khan can). The director has a out of the world sense of humor and to understand his films one really needs to use the brain! (Thinking, where do I remove and keep it ?!?)


Well, now that his new film Humshakals is coming, we thought why not spread some awareness about what you would sign-up for if you are watching a Sajid Khan film or for that matter even the trailer of the upcoming film.

Check out 9 “Has To Be” Elements Of A Sajid Khan Film Here:

1. The Lead Heroines Have To Be Bikini Babes With ‘Blue Hai Paani Pani’ Background!

2. There Has To Be A Night Dress Dance – Coz Hush-Hush Papa Is Always Sleeping!

3. There Has To Be A Chaotic Sequence Of ‘Jaan Bacha Ke Bhago’ (Something That The Audience Wants To Do Watching It)

4. There’s No Guessing On The Last Seen Of The Film!

5. There Has To Be A Big Confusing ‘Confusion’ To Confuse You, In Every Sajid Khan Film!

6. Sajid Khan Film Simply Cannot Make A Film Without Him! Yeah! He Has To Be In It.

7. Riteish’s Lead Actress Has To Look Older To Him! :P (That’s A Compliment For You Ritz)

8. And The Slap-A-Thon Has To Be Repeated! (Simply Coz People Liked It In The Previous Film)

9. A Sajid Khan Is Like A Rozgaar For Mr. Akhri Pasta! (We Are Not A Jokinggg)




  1. it can be average just bkoz riteish desmukh is in the film & bkoz of Chunky Pandey or flop like himmatwala

  2. And you forgot one more point Koimoi that Sajid Khan needs a film which name starts with the letter H let it be Houseful or Himmatwala or Humshakals….


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