Viki Rajani
Viki Rajani

Good production values – This is what strikes one immediately when a film comes from the house of producer Viki Rajani. He may be a relatively new entrant in the world of Bollywood and may have made mid-budget films so far. However the way his films are pitched, the production design, promotion in general and an overall look and feel has always been slick; case in point being Aa Dekhen Zara, Table No. 21 and now 3G.

The promo of ‘3G’ has made quite a few heads turn. That must have been heartening for you, isn’t it?
Yes, there is good anticipation for the film. Something like 3G hasn’t come before. It has a new approach towards horror. It is going to be very different.


On a lighter note Viki, most of the makers say that. How have you done that in ‘3G’?
For starters, there are no mansions or ‘kothis’ where you see a ‘bhatakti aatma’ emerging out of nowhere and scaring the hell out of people there. Instead, horror here is triggered by a video call in a 3G network. Tell me, have you seen that anywhere? Is that different enough? (Smiles)

Yes indeed. Guess you have playing a different game, and in the process raking risks as well, film after film.
That has been the endeavour. I still feel disappointed by the fact that Aa Dekhen Zara, despite being well made and appreciated, couldn’t get a proper release due to the multiplex issue back then. It was supposed to release in 600 screens and ultimately came out in only 200 cinemas. We still got a good weekend. Now Table No. 21 has been appreciated and loved by everybody. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be loved so much. It is heartening that the message was conveyed well. The risk paid.

Your partners stay on to be Eros in each and every film. Guess you are getting a free hand in making films the way you want.
Yes, with them the understanding has been to make high concept films which are commercially feasible as well. The idea for our team has been to position our movies differently in the market. Through the films that we make, we are looking at a different segment of audience. As for a much huger chunk of masses, there is ‘Rambo Rajkumar‘ on the way!



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