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Music Director: Sonu Nigam and Anand Raj Anand

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The music album of Singh Saab The Great is gibberish, without anything uncommon to its credit. Though Anil Sharma is known for a good taste in music in his films like Gadar or Apne, Singh Saab The Great doesn’t even near the simplicity, beauty or marvel of those albums. Talented singer Sonu Nigam and Anand Raj Anand presumably do their best to create a hearable album but all they manage is a bunch of haywire songs that fail to resonate with you!

Johnny Lever and Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great
Johnny Lever and Sunny Deol in a still from Singh Saab The Great

Singh Saab The Great Title Track – Singh Saab The Great Music Review

Sonu Nigam in his ace voice delves out a fresh tune for the film’s title track. The lyrics are well structured and impactful. Sonu manages to modulate his voice depending on the mood he is to deliver and that makes the title track quite a well synced and consistent effort. Teesha Nigam’s voice is great and matches Sonu gracefully. Overall, this is a good and hearable song.

Heer – Singh Saab The Great Music Review

Though the song is structured quaintly with a dash of rustic flavor to it. However, the beauty is killed with lyrics which are hard to decipher. The music is quite a soother but the only good part of the song is Sonu’s wonderful voice, but has nothing memorable about it.

Daaru Band Kal Se – Singh Saab The Great Music Review

With utterly burrrrah lyrics, the Punjabi party number will be quite a hit amongst the Punjabi party folk, but for most laymen this isn’t a suitable party number. The tempo is quite flat and the Punjabi lyrics again a deterrent, this didn’t quite go down well with me. However, its remix version is light years better than the original.

Jab Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave – Singh Saab The Great Music Review

This song is comparatively better than the other numbers of this album. An outright party number, the complimentary jugalbandi tinge of it is quite a stellar. Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal do a good job at mixing pop music with Bhangra. But the tune is so atrocious than the potential of it is mostly wasted.

Palang Tod – Singh Saab The Great Music Review

Palang Tod sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Anand Raj Anad flaunts its folksy tunes with style. However the song turns raunchy for its own good over its playtime, sounding extremely kitschy and loud after a point.

The Last Word – Singh Saab The Great Music Review

Overall, the music of Singh Saab The Great isn’t brilliant or even great. It is rather quite ordinary that impresses in bits. Anil Sharma films have music with bubbling energy but this album is relatively quite a sag that has only one song that will appeal the masses. I am going with an ordinary 2/5 for this album. Thoroughly disappointed because I was expecting the congenital beauty of Gadar’s music that ranks as one of my favorites but this one is levels below the beauty of it.

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