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Music Director: Pritam Chakraborty

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There was a time in Bollywood when music was more of melody. Now it is mostly noise. Music no longer caters just to the ears, now it is for the eyes. That is the best way to describe the music of R… Rajkumar. It is outlandish, loud, packed with incoherent and bizarre lyrics. But for most it will be fun! The simple reason being it is hard to miss Shahid Kapoor executing his superb dance skills in the steps choreographed by maverick Prabhu Deva. The music of the film is more of Prabhu Deva and less of Pritam. It isn’t brilliant, not even great but it is passably entertaining!

Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor in a Still from R… Rajkumar
Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor in a Still from R… Rajkumar

Gandi Baat – R… Rajkumar Music Review

Oh the lyrics. Somehow the perspective of people have shifted so much towards the rough side that songs like these have evolved into becoming more easily acceptable. I am rather conventional when it comes to lyrics. If it’s not poetry, or lyrical it cannot make much of a good music. Gandi Baat is high voltage, energetic and immensely hooking. Mika Singh and Kalpana Patowary are fabulous in maintaining the gusto from start to finish. But being an old school music listener, songs like these with such terrible lyrics are an absolute ban for me!

Saree Ke Fall Sa – R… Rajkumar Music Review

Again, oh the lyrics! What happened to resonating words of Hindi songs? I seriously doubt people can quote ‘Saree Ke Fall Sa Kabhi Match Kiya Re‘ to express their romance and love for their special one. Nakash Aziz and Antara Mitra do a flattering job to their credit. Using credible singers to waste themselves over words like this is almost a crime. But we live in a world where hacks are popular so I presume this is forgivable!

Dhokha Dhadi – R… Rajkumar Music Review

This song is the album’s sole good hear. With Arijit Singh’s voice doing its regular magic, Pritam uses his mettle of melody well to create a beautiful breezy track. Palak Muchhal compliments Singh’s voice well and the background of the song is well arranged with harmonious music.

Mat Maari – R… Rajkumar Music Review

This one is such a snore bore of a song. Though Kunal Ganjawala makes an entry into mainstream playback singing after a long respite, he has been given a bad song. Sunidhi Chauhan is effortless good but Mat Maari croons for too long and turns out to be one tedious affair of sorts.

Kaddu Katega – R… Rajkumar Music Review

With every song the lyrics keep getting worse and worse. Antara Mitra is good but the song is so out of tune with incorrect notes and terrible lyrics, that it sounds utterly random to my ears.

The Last Word – R… Rajkumar Music Review

In the end, R… Rajkumar is one dance-able album with gibberish and senseless lyrics. If I could just mute the lyrics and dance to the music, I totally would. Perhaps it will be a treat watching Shahid dance to the numbers but to hear them is painful and ear hammering. I am going with 2.5/5. It’s a strange hotch-potch of upbeat music and atrocious lyrics.

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  1. Nice Funny story….can u right more like this.
    miss basu u r still a kid from inside and u r not criticizing movies and music as a Critic u only write what your heart say….if u like then u right good if not then bad.

    grow up….Be A Women.
    Be professional.


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