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Music Director: Sachiin-Jigar

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Happy Ending is an entertaining album with six tracks that churn out fresh music. Sachiin-Jigar do a good job as they strike a balance between the right music and lyrics. This is new age music packaged in a album with bright melodies.

Govinda in a still from movie 'Happy Ending'
Govinda in a still from movie ‘Happy Ending’

Paaji Tussi Such A Pussycat – Happy Ending Music Review

Quirky is the word. This song is a lively number with hilarious lyrics. Composed by Sachin-Jigar, the music is fresh and is successful at hooking you right at the start of the song. Talented lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya not only pens this song fabulously, but he croons it even better. This Broadway style musical number is worth a listen just to pep you up at the start of the day.

G Phaad Ke – Happy Ending Music Review

This is the party track that you want to groove on and as the lyrics say ‘Naacho Saare G Phaad Ke‘. Upbeat and foot-tapping, this song has been sung by Divya Kumar and Shefali Alvares. Catch the right beats and dance your hearts out on this number.

Mileya Mileya – Happy Ending Music Review

Mileya Mileya is a surprising number. The song with the varied vocals of Priya Andrews, Rekha Bharadwaj and Jigar Saraiya is a nice blend. Lyrically a treat, the beats are throbbing and it really sets a good pace. It is the kind of song you would love to listen when going on a quiet long drive. Rarely do Bollywood composers indulge in the use of different instruments and thus what appeals most in this song is the use of Saxophone.

Jaise Mera Tu – Happy Ending Music Review

This is a cutesy love song that appeals to the heart immediately. The voices of Arijit Singh and Priya Saraiya make this melody glisten. There is nothing exceptional in this song yet it has the quality to grow on you. ‘Jaise Mera Tu‘ has light music and even though it is slow, the romantic track has an instant likability quotient to it.

Khamma Ghani – Happy Ending Music Review

When a song is titled ‘Khamma Ghani‘ you are expecting a Rajasthani folk. I was highly disappointed with this track. With a singer like Papon on board, the composers would have won half the battle but they fail quite miserably. Guitar pieces sound fine but lyrics don’t blend well with it. I could not quite connect to this song and found it a misfit for the album too, unless it has some significance in the film to it.

Haseena Tu Kameena Main – Happy Ending Music Review

Haseena Tu Kameena Main‘ starts good but eventually bores you out. The song gets highly repetitive after a point. Siddharth Basrur, Rahul Pandey and Shruti Patakh even though fantastic singers individually, fail to create a good melody together. This song is a downer in the otherwise good album.

The Last Word – Happy Ending Music Review

Happy Ending album is a winner. Its groovy, fresh and entertaining. Sachin-Jigar give us a album that hits the right notes and it blends quite perfectly with the quirky trailer that we have seen. My picks from this album are ‘Paaji Tussi Such A Pussycat‘ and ‘Jaise Mera Tu‘. I am gong with a 3/5 for this album.

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