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From Sydney with Love Movie Poster
From Sydney with Love Movie Poster

From Sydney With Love’ is a Golden Jubilee revival project for Pramod Films – the production house known for films such as Ziddi, Love In Tokyo, Nastik, Deedar and Barood. The film marks the acting debut of Prateek, grandson of production house head Pramod Chakravorty. Prateek has played various roles in the film since he is also at the helm of writing and direction. Also starring newcomers like Bidita Bag, Sharad Malhotra, Evelyn Sharma and Karan Sagoo, the film has music by Sohail Sen (who was recently heard in ’Ek Tha Tiger’). Anvita Dutt Guptan and Kumaar have penned the lyrics.

From Sydney with Love Music review: Fellin Love in Sydney

Album opens with ‘Feelin Love In Sydney’ which is an eclectic mix of futuristic sounds and guitar. Though it’s a hip-hop track with a Western base to it, the melody is intact and grows on the listener. Sohail Sen lends his voice to this groovy number and does a decent job. Remixed version by DJ Rayaan is foot tapping number too and also comes across as a genuine mix since it has dialogues from the film incorporated as well.

From Sydney with Love Music review: Ho Jaayega

‘Ho Jaayega’ is a love soaked track sung by Mohit Chauhan and Monali Thakur. It is a romantic number that piques interest as the lead singers belong to the league that there is no second best. Though the premise is very clichéd, the guitar and Mohit Chauhan’s voice make one listen to the song in repeat mode. It’s an apt track for a romantic comedy and one of the good ones to come out this year. One questions the need of the remixed version though since it is rather strange to see a melodious track going through such an overhaul!

From Sydney with Love Music review: Khatkaa Khatkaa

Mika Singh brings in Punjabi flavor in the album with ‘Khatkaa Khatkaa’. Lyrics are funny though the song does not impress the listener much. It seems like an average track in which Sohail hasn’t been able to decide whether to make it a full-blown Punjabi track or to take a fusion approach. Mika tries to revive the song with his boisterous voice but the composition lacks strength to become another fun filled ‘bhangra’ anthem.

From Sydney with Love Music review: Pyaari Pyaari

Next song is ‘Pyaari Pyaari’ which definitely shows Sohail’s talent. It’s very difficult to mix jazz and western classical with Hindi film music but Sohail does it effortlessly with his team and comes up with this marvelous track. It has reggae feel to it, which reminds one of Shaggy’s famous tracks. Good job by Sohail to keeps his flag of melody flying high and make the song grow on you.

From Sydney with Love Music review: Naino Ne

Album takes a slow turn with ‘Naino Ne’ which is a typical Bollywood romantic song. It is sung by newcomer Palak who manages to hold your attention and helps in elevating the overall effect. Also, the song has opening lyrics in Bengali that is counted as the sweetest language and it definitely helps in accentuating the saccharine quotient. Not to forget Mohammed Salamat whose vocals definitely add to the song!

From Sydney with Love Music review: Item Ye Hi Fi

‘Item Ye Hi Fi’ does not feel like that it is from the same album. Neeraj Shreedhar lends his voice to this club song. It is a little wild and grungy though it has its own appeal. Though it’s a little clichéd, it is still necessary in the context of the film.

From Sydney with Love Music review: The Last Word

Overall, ‘From Sydney With Love’ is an album which has its highs like ‘Ho Jaayega’, ‘Pyaari Pyaari’ and ‘Naino Ne’ that would definitely keep the listeners glued in. However, as it happens with lot of albums and movies, this too hasn’t been promoted and marketed well due to which it may not get its due. However, for the sake of makers and definitely Sohail Sen, one hopes that the album gets its credit as it definitely deserves the same due to its merits.




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