Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review
Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review

Rating: 3/5 stars (Three stars)

Though Ferrari Ki Sawaari is from Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s production house, one still feels that the film needs to be marketed better to facilitate a wider reach. Moreover listening Pritam’s music for the film, one is further led to believe the film requires an added push to make its presence felt.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: Maara Re

Sports, being a key element of the movie, reflects in the album as well. It begins with the song Maara Re which can be considered as an anthem in the movie. Sung by Sonu Niigaam, Rana Majumdar, Aishwarya Nigam and Ashish, it has the capability to turn into a ‘hit of the month’, keeping in mind the IPL fever and the love towards cricket in our nation. However, blame it on the poor marketing but that hasn’t quite happened.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: Rusy’s Theme

Album moves forward with an instrumental Rusy’s Theme. It’s a pleasant surprise to see a track like this so early in an album. The music has a Spanish tone to it as it transports you to the lanes of Spain and Italy. A very sweet melody, it would be quite interesting to see it’s picturisation in the film given its theme.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: Mala Jau De

Next in line is Mala Jau De. It has a traditional Marathi Lavani touch to it and is sung by newcomer Urmila Dhangar who has been able to do justice to the lyrics (by Guru Thakur). She has a very authentic Marathi accent which goes well with the song’s playful mood. Pritam has kept it traditional and given a song which is a welcome change for the Marathi listeners. Also, he along with the lyricist have interspersed the theme of ‘Ferrari’ quite well. Moreover, it would be fun to see Vidya Balan in a Marathi avatar.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: Ae Mere Mann

Ae Mere Mann is the next rendition in the album. It reverberates with the protagonist’s state of mind to achieve something in life. It’s a slow, smooth and soothing number which is very situation based. Sung by Shyamantan Das with lyrics by Swanand Kirkire, it could have been a popular inspirational song. However it lacks the punch to reach the distance. The inspirational mood continues with Good Night, a sweet lullaby sung by a mother for her child. Priyani Vani Pandit has done a good job and it’s her voice that keeps you glued on to the song.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: Chal Ghoomne

Chal Ghoome (Ferrari Ki Sawaari) is the next song in the album. Sung by Shaan, Bomal Iraani and Aayush Phukan, it is quite fun filled song and depicts the film’s theme extensively. Shaan sings this one in a Kishore Kumar-esque manner and has done reasonable justice to it. Boasting of the kind of tune that one doesn’t really get to hear very often these days, the song has a certain charm to it. Not to mention Amitabh Bhattacharya whose lyrics are pretty much the driving force of the song.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: Life Yeh Mausambi Si

Amitabh continues his uniqueness of lyrics in the last song of the album Life Yeh Mausambi Si. Sung by K Mohan, it is the highlight of the album. Though while listening to the song you would assume that it is sung by silky voiced Mohit Chauhan, a closer hear makes you correct yourself. It’s a song that has in it to be played on long drives in the hills with a listeners humming along. Moreover, even the lyrics are sure to be liked and especially appreciated by the young ones.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari Music Review: The Last Word

All in all Ferrari Ki Sawaari is an album which could have been better though it has some sparks in it like Life Yeh Mausambi and Mala Jau De which would make one pick the album. However it isn’t quite a superhit attempt from composer Pritam, who is otherwise known for catching the pulse of today’s listeners. One more fact that cannot be denied is that songs have always been an important part of Vidhu Vinod Chopra films and are mostly woven with the theme and script. Ferrari Ki Sawaari should be no exception to the rule either and perhaps after the movie plays on screen; the songs may end up staying with the audience.

For the album and Pritam’s sake, let’s hope it does happen.

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