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Dhoom franchise has never been known for melodious music. But it has always flaunted slick, uber tunes that has managed to diversify the realms of popular music in commercial cinema. Though irreverent lyrics has never been the style of YRF, Dhoom 3 too remains untouched by the prevalent couplets that make no sense. What Dhoom 3 manages to evoke despite struggling to barely manage above average songs is to deliver two magnificent tracks that will be hard to stop listening to. In an album even if one song stands out as impressive, it adds weightage to the overall quality of the album itself. It is those two tracks which essentially saves Dhoom 3‘s music from fading away from memory.

Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in a still from Dhoom 3

Malang – Dhoom 3 Music Review

The album kicks off with the spectacular Malang. Though we have only caught glimpses of the video from the teaser, the track is filled with just as much grandeur. Sameer Anjaan’s deep lyrics and Siddharth Mahadevan’s enthusiastic voice is what makes the song so majestic for me. While many joined in to slam the track when the teaser released, it will be a crime to not hail the perfectly blended fusion song. In the musical that begins the piece, I even managed to find a sprinkling of Pre-modern Balkan music. Shilpa Rao’s complimentary voice remains the most energetic highlight of the track which enthuses listeners to hear this magnanimous song all over again. Pritam has done a fabulous work at infusing sufi beats with heavy use of contemporary music. The lingering rags in the background have a fantastic effect. Overall, this one is a Thumbs up!

Kamli – Dhoom 3 Music Review

The next song titled Kamli sung by Sunidhi Chauhan is Dhoom 3‘s variation of Krazy Kiya Re! I wasn’t particularly taken by the song’s lyrics which were more gibberish than Krazy Kiya Re‘s Hinglish-ities. It was pretty accurate to loop in Chauhan for this one. She delves substantial vivacity in the otherwise morose words and delivers a zestful song. The catchy beats and upbeat singing will perhaps hold your interest but this one definitely isn’t among the good ones of Pritam.

Tu Hi Junoon – Dhoom 3 Music Review

Tu Hi Junoon Tu Hi Karar has a montage like music to but ranks as a disappointment for me. Coming from Mohit Chauhan who can easily be called the king of soulful singing in India, this pseudo intense song is overstretched and tedious. In terms of sound and tunes, it is extremely weak. The worst thing about this song is it drags on into drudgery!

Dhoom Machale Dhoom – Dhoom 3 Music Review

The film’s Hindi title track doesn’t match up to any of the previous title drags. It is plain boring. The tunes are anything but slick and reeks of the last decade in terms of music. However, it was the Arabic version of the song which is a stunning hear. Sung by Jane, the incomprehensible Arabic track seems way more promising than the original song!

Dhoom Tap – Dhoom 3 Music Review

Dhoom Tap‘s music is brilliantly done. Despite the lack of lyrics, the piece is fabulously done. The beats remain vivacious till the last note and perhaps gives a newer dimension to the classical notion of tap music. This one is way more aggressive with mighty thumping beats. Quite wonderful!

Bande Hain Hum Uske – Dhoom 3 Music Review

And finally the last track of the film is one song you’ll want to savor for a long time. It is beautiful, it is delightful and it will be one song you can’t have enough of. With a fairy tale like feel to it, the song is sung by Shivam Mahadevan and Anisha Sharma. It is a poignant track and young vocalists add a lot of warmth and soul to it making it one of recent times’ most memorable numbers. Bravo!

The Last Word – Dhoom 3 Music Review

Overall Dhoom 3‘s music manages to rank at a little above average for me. The heart wrenching Bandey Hai Hum Uske and majestic Malang casting the spell on me and because of those stirring songs Dhoom 3‘s music ranked higher for me. The tap music was slickly done but will be unable to gather a mass liking unfortunately. Overall it might not be the best album Pritam has come up with, but two really interesting compositions makes the album scrupulous me! A noteworthy effort for sure!

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