Emraan Hashmi’s son Ayan Diagnosed With Cancer

A popular leading daily broke to us a shattering piece of news earlier today. Actor Emraan Hashmi’s four year old son, Ayan, has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his kidney. Though the illness is still in its first stage, Ayan’s state has obviously broken the moral spirit of his parents. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt broke the news to the daily after Emraan called him from Hinduja Hospital later yesterday evening.

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi

The doctors are suggesting that the child has to go through immediate surgery to relieve him of the tumor, followed by consistent dosages of chemotherapy. Though the illness is in its early stages and definitely curable, the young boy will have to go through a lot of physical and emotional turmoil before being declared healthy.

Emraan has been extremely tied with work as his next project Mr X went on floors recently. A crucial schedule of the film was expected to go on floors on 18th January in South Africa. However, the schedule was obviously stalled as the actor is in no emotional state to focus on work immediately. Koimoi extends our prayers to both Emraan and his wife Parveen and mostly their son Ayan. We truly hope that he recuperates soon.

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  • pravin kc
    1 year ago | Reply

    god bless him..

  • santhoshi
    1 year ago | Reply

    help them Baba

  • Prashant pratap
    1 year ago | Reply

    God bless you Ayan

  • fred
    1 year ago | Reply

    May god give them all strength my prayers are with them at this testing time. Any illness to your child is hard on the parent, I wish them all the best.

  • rishi kapur
    1 year ago | Reply

    Jaisairam help him

  • Rajesh Deshlahra ARD Cinemall Buldana
    1 year ago | Reply


  • X
    1 year ago | Reply

    Get well soon. Stage 1 cancer is completely curable.

  • praveen
    1 year ago | Reply

    God Bless You

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