Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan is known for stirring controversies season after season. From abuses to catfights, the fights just keep getting crazier with each passing season. The latest one of them is the feud between former contestants Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan, whose fight continues even 3 months after the season ended.


With the fight showing no signs of stopping, it has even taken social media by storm, with allegations being thrown left and right.

Khan & Arshi Khan Are Salman Khan’s Girlfriends, I Made Shilpa Shinde Win
Hina Khan & Arshi Khan Are Salman Khan’s Girlfriends; I Made Shilpa Shinde Win: Claims Ex Bigg Boss Contestant

Now Swami Om, a former Bigg Boss contestant, has claimed that Hina Khan is actually Salman’s girlfriend. Yes you read that correctly. The Bigg Boss 10 contestant, who was kicked out for his disgusting acts like throwing his pee on contestants and using abusive language against women in the Bigg Boss 10 house still had a lot more outlandish claims to throw around in an a recent interview with India Today.


Even after being thrown out of the house, the self-claimed baba continued to get embroiled in numerous controversies. During a chat show, he broke a drinking glass and started howling when questioned about his behaviour on the reality show. On another occasion, he got beaten up by the audiences after he said derogatory things about women.

Claiming that he made Shilpa Shinde win, he said that Hina is Salman’s girlfriend. He further added that Arshi Khan was the actor’s girlfriend as well, and the superstar was secretly supporting these two. He also said that he was the one who ordered Raj Nayak to make Shilpa Shinde the winner of Bigg Boss 11.

Not stopping with his ridiculous rant, he claimed that Salman Khan’s mother Sushila (Salma) is his ‘jasoos’ (spy) in Salman Khan’s house and she is the one who tells him about what’s going on in the actor’s life.

He also said that he had told Salman Khan his film Tubelight would be a huge flop. He went on to claim that “lakhs of his bhakts vandalised screens in theatres to stop them from watching Tubelight.”

He even claims that he thrashed Salman Khan and told him that he will send the actor to jail in the Black Buck poaching case I will send you to jail. “He had challenged that no one can put him behind the bars but I challenged him. He called me and apologised to me. Then I got a call from his mother and Preity Zinta. We got him out by bribing the judges. Judges are sold – from Supreme court to lower courts. If any judge has courage then they can file a complaint against me.”

Swami says that he has forgiven Salman now, and made his film Tiger Zinda Hai a hit. Well, we are simply dumbfounded.




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