Bamfaad Review: Star Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two Stars)

Bamfaad Review: Star crossed lovers fighting the world to be together is a tale that has been served infinite times, sometimes successful many times lame. Zee5’s Bamfaad starring Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey is addition to the list with many clichés and just a few things to rejoice about. Also Anurag Kashyap, your touch is visible, and it’s a silver lining.

Cast: Aditya Rawal, Shalini Pandey, Vijay Varma, and Jatin Sarna.

Bamfaad Review (Zee 5): Aditya Rawal Makes An Impressive Debut In A Film That Is Partially Marinated In Clichés With A Good Climax
Bamfaad Review (Zee 5): Aditya Rawal Makes An Impressive Debut In A Film That Is Partially Marinated In Clichés With A Good Climax

What’s Bamfaad About:

Set in Allahabad, Naseer (Aditya) is a rebel. You meet him conducting a cheating scam in exam, he creates ruckus to help his friends. Doesn’t know the word sorry, gets angry at the drop of a hat. All in all is a spoilt brat. Falls for Neelam (Shalini), a calm, composed and confident girl who knows how to show Naseer his place. The two fall in love with each other but Neelam’s secrets doom her present and future.

Enters Jigar (Vijay) a local gangster who owns Neelam as he says. What happens when Jigar gets to know about Naseer and Neelam’s affair and how their lives change for worse to lead to a surprising climax is the story.

What’s Good?

(Trivia: Director of Bamfaad, Ranjan Chandel was assistant to Anurag Kashyap on his film Mukkabaaz. Kashyap is the presenter of Bamfaad)

Bamfaad opens to a raw frame where beauty isn’t in perfectly set production design but the imperfection that surrounds us in reality. And that is enough to observe the Anurag Kashyap effect on Ranjan’s film making. What highlights the best is the authenticity of this universe. From the locations, to the dialect, to production design, to the references to city in which it is set in is the detailing that deserves credit.

While there are clichés here, but Bamfaad saves itself by not questioning it’s lovers about their caste. Yes there is a mention of love jihad, but the two are never pointed out for being from two different religions.

Paresh Rawal’s son Aditya who makes his debut is impressive in his first outing. He gets the tone right. But it is too soon to give a verdict, there’s a long way to go. But what is fresh, is that he isn’t a factory manufactured, abs installed, bulging muscled product. Rather he is relatable, a small framed, rugged boy next door.

Shalini Pandey in her first Hindi outing is good too. But the one who wins my heart has to be Vijay Varma. You tell this man to be a character and he knows how to make it his own. Jatin Sarna in his limited role shines as expected.

Background score by Prashant Pillai is intriguing and adds just the right amount to the watching experience.

What Doesn’t Work?

The first and the foremost thing that doesn’t work is the depth in the characters. The way they are introduced is just a character note. They never progress really.

The story isn’t something that we haven’t seen. When you get to know Shalini is hiding a secret, it’s predictive from a mile away what that is. The scene by the end where Naseer gets to know about his mother’s demise (yes spoiler) is also one of those.

All of this results into nothing hitting as hard as it should. Having said that the film has a fresh and nice climax, but the build up did not let me get as shocked as I wanted to.

The writing by Hanzalah Shahid is good in parts. There is a beautifully written scene in which a guy in love tells his muse that a pimple makes her look more beautiful. But there are also many that remind us of all the films on the same lines.

While the two leads have done good on their part. Together they fail to spark any emotions in me. I rooted for them separately, than I did for them together. Maybe a little more screen space to the two with meaningful conversations might have done that for me.

Bamfaad Review: The Last Words:

Watch Bamfaad if you are missing the Kashyap universe, but expect just a starter not the main course. Watch it for the earnest acting performances, the story could have been better.

Bamfaad Review: Star Rating: Two Stars!

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