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Warning 3D

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Cast: Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues, Manjari Fadnis, Varun Sharma, Jitin Gulati, Sumit Suri, Madhurima Tuli

Director: Gurmmeet Singh

Producer/s: Anubhav Sinha, Jitendra Jain

Music Director/s: Meet Bros Anjan Ankit, Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri

Plot: WARNING is a 3D UNDERWATER film about seven friends stuck in a life- threatening crisis. The lucky ones will die first and the rest will go through the worst nightmares of their lives.

It was a reunion of seven friends. It was a joy ride on a luxury yacht through the middle of a beautiful ocean. It was time to remember the good old times. It was time to catch up on the lost five years. It was time to come face to face with unrequited love. It was Sara’s first birthday. It was time for champagne. It was time for a swim. IT WAS TIME FOR A DISASTER TO STRIKE.

Seven friends, Neck deep in water, oblivious of their geographical coordinates, unknown miles away from land with no way to get back on to the yacht while little Sara cries incessantly on board. Old conflicts resound and new ones emerge while a new predator comes to kill. This one eats flesh!!!


warning 3d Review
Warning 3D Movie Review (Warning 3D Movie Poster)
Warning 3D Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues, Manjari Fadnis, Varun Sharma, Jitin Gulati, Sumit Suri, Madhurima Tuli

Director: Gurmmeet Singh

What’s Good: The film is rivetingly shot in fabulous locales of Fiji. The thrills are in abundance in the film and you manage to stay hooked till the end.

What’s Bad:  The film is a straight lift from the popular adventure flick Open Water 2.

Loo break: Many in the second half.

Watch or Not?: Anubhav Sinha’s Warning is an excruciating drudgery that is plain infuriating as the film moves along. The survival tale of a group stranded mid-sea turns terribly annoying as the bunch of young actors don’t really put up a superlative show. The momentum drops as the screenplay treads forward and the film gives you no heart wrenching moment that you latch on to. Yes, there are enough frights but none unseen, original or impressive. This one doesn’t offer you a single reason why you must watch this film!

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The film begins with a guy reminiscing about school friends and their glorious young days. He uses a social networking site to reach out to his friends. They all connect after many years and pick back the straws of their life in this reunion.

Taking a trip to Fiji gives Sabrina a chance to meet her ex-boyfriend Tanveer. Sabrina now married to Deepak, has a little daughter named Saerah.

A delectable time into the film, Tanveer decides to take his friends on a sail in his yacht. The group decides to stop for a swim, with Tanveer hell bent on getting Sabrina overcome her fear of water. Tanveer forgets to push the ladder back to the yacht down and the group gets stranded in the water. With the hungry sea waiting for its preys, it isn’t difficult to sniff danger here with no way of getting back on the yacht!

Warning 3D Movie Stills
Warning 3D Movie Stills

Warning 3D Review: Script Analysis

I have no idea why such tirades are made. The film’s first half traces a back story that tells us how a bunch of school friends reunite to take a trip to Fiji to meet one of their old friends.

The story is fine on paper but it is the execution that goes haywire. The film’s actors don’t give us one heartfelt or moving scene. The film comes across as highly superficial because of its lack of right feel. Even when the characters begin to lose their lives one by one, there is zero sympathy you can show to them!

The tempo picks minimally only towards the climax when there is little excitement. But the surge is so delayed and comes when the viewer is already exhausted from the film.

The idea being very interesting, the adventure bit of the film doesn’t swell and eventually that doesn’t work in favor of the film. The end is rather abrupt and doesn’t wrap up every character individually. The characterization here is extremely poor which exactly withholds you from feeling very sensitively for any of the them!

It is not a good sign when the film’s end feels welcoming to you and it is enough to indicate why this movie fails at myriad levels for you!

Warning 3D Review: Star Performances

Manjari Fadnis is adorable and though her roles don’t really boast of great acting skills, she does her best of hold her ground all through.

Santosh Barmola does a decent job too, but his inability at emoting too well shows frequently.

Varun Sharma could have been ace had the film spared a greater space to him. He again is a promising actor and that could have worked in favor of the film.

With chiseled body and ravishing looks, the young guns here remain oblivious to the fact that it is acting that will pull through the film eventually. Indeed there is very little that skin show can do besides attracting those who come in looking for sleaze!

Warning 3D Review: Direction, Editing and Music

Director Gurmmeet Singh sure has caliber but the man’s forte doesn’t show in this adventure flick that turns tiresome despite desperate attempts to keep audiences hooked with its heavy share of thrills. The film’s screenplay could have managed a little more enticing elements which again flaws the end product. Using a baby on board worked well, but perhaps that was the singularly well structured track. The erstwhile love story of Sabrina and Tanveer is silly and a lot of scenes were so hastily done that it is utterly impactless. The sound effects and the music croons with beauty but that is perhaps one of the few remote good points that the film can flaunt confidently. The editing is shaky and that again fails to give the film a desired lucid flow.

Warning 3D Review: The Last Word

There is a reason why the film was named Warning, if you are smart you’ll get the hint! With the unnecessary 3D effects that will end up making up feel sea-sick, and a film that can sum up to be called boring, there is no reason why you should waste your energy on this one. I am going with 2 on 5 and recommend that you grab a CD of the Open Water. This one is a shabby replica of it which doesn’t match up in stature or soul.

Warning 3D Trailer

Warning 3D releases on 27th September, 2013.

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