Tere Mere Phere

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Tere Mere Phere

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Cast: Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen, Jagrat Desai, Sasha Goradia

Director: Deepa Sahi

Writer/s: Deepa Sahi, Jagrat Desai

Producer/s: Ketan Mehta, Anup Jalota

Plot: Tere Mere Phere is a comic look at the battle of the sexes…. a made for each other couple, Pooja (Sasha Goradia) and Rahul (Jagrat Desai)… who have a perfect love affair and a perfect marriage, set out on a perfect dream  honeymoon in a motor home driving through the breath taking Himalayas…  but then can life ever be perfect?!  If “distance makes the heart grow fonder” then the too much proximity should have the reverse effect! And it does. As Pooja and Rahul get too close for comfort, the gilt of romance begins to rub off, a series of absurd fights follow and soon they get embroiled with  a local Himachali  small town  guy ( Vinay Pathak) and his girl Muskaan, the  “Pahadi Mirch” ( Riya Sen).

How the couples’ lives get entwined is the story of this crazy film about the eternal emotion “love”

tere mere phere Review

Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia are honeymooning but have so many problems between themselves that they decide to divorce. Seeing them, Vinay Pathak wants to call off his marriage to Riya Sen. Find out more about Tere Mere Phere in the review.

Tere Mere Phere Review (Tere Mere Phere Movie Poster)
Tere Mere Phere Review

Business rating: 1/5 star

Star cast: Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen, Jagrat Desai, Sasha Goradia, Darshan Jariwala, Sushmita Mukherjee.

What’s Good: The comedy; the performances.

What’s Bad: The over-stretched screenplay.

Verdict: Tere Mere Phere is a good attempt but lack of a decent initial will tell on its final tally at the box-office.

Loo break: A couple in the second half.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for a good laugh.

User rating:

Maya Movies and Sitara Productions’ Tere Mere Phere (UA) is a comedy about two couples. Rahul (Jagrat Desai) and Pooja (Sasha Goradia) are a newly-married couple. They realise, they are as different from each other as cheese from chalk, right on their honeymoon. Not just that, they also have ugly fights during their honeymoon. Because of one such fight, their flight to Shimla has to land back from where it took off. The couple is now forced to travel to Shimla in a caravan and accompanying them is Jai (Vinay Pathak) who actually forces himself in the caravan because he has to reach Shimla for his own marriage and he holds Rahul and Pooja responsible for the flight cancellation.

On their way to Shimla, Rahul and Pooja narrate how they met and got married and even while doing so, their fights are on. They also tell Jai how one misunderstanding led to another during their honeymoon. By the end of it, Rahul and Pooja have decided to get divorced. Meanwhile, realising that he won’t reach in time for his wedding, Jai has called his lady love, Muskaan (Riya Sen), to a location the bus will reach earlier so that the two can get married there. But by the time the bus reaches Muskaan, Jai has developed cold feet after understanding the terrible times Rahul and Pooja have gone through. Jai decides to remain single rather than get married to Muskaan even though he loves her. Even otherwise, Muskaan’s brother is against her marriage with Jai.

What happens thereafter? Do Jai and Muskaan get married? What about Muskaan’s brother? And do Rahul and Pooja seek divorce?

Tere Mere Phere Review (Tere Mere Phere Movie Stills)
Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia play a newly-married couple who are forced on a ride with Vinay Pathak.

Tere Mere Phere Review: Script Analysis

Deepa Sahi and Jagrat Desai’s story is cute but moves on a single track, giving it the feel of a television serial. Deepa Sahi’s screenplay has humorous moments which are enjoyable and entertaining but only upto a point. The second half looks stretched because once the fact that Rahul and Pooja don’t get along with each other is established, things become repetitive and lose their charm. The entire track of Muskaan’s brother looks kiddish and the mix-up of Muskaan and Pooja seems forced and very convenient. In other words, while the screenplay is not wrong per se, it doesn’t have much to offer after a point of time. Even the comedy is more pronounced and entertaining in the first half. Dialogues (by Deepa Sahi) are enjoyable and realistic.

Tere Mere Phere Review: Star Performances

Vinay Pathak does a fine job and plays the character if Jai with understanding and maturity. Riya Sen is alright but goes overboard in some scenes. Jagrat Desai does not have the looks of a hero but the debut-making actor performs with effortless ease. Sasha Goradia looks nice and makes an appealing debut. She has a good sense of comic timing and does very well in comic scenes. Darshan Jariwala is natural. Sushmita Mukherjee does an excellent job. Others lend able support.

Tere Mere Phere Review: Direction & Music

Deepa Sahi’s debut at direction is promising. She seems to have a flair for comedy and makes even the exaggerated comic scenes humorous enough for people to laugh. She has extracted good work from out of her actors. Shivangi R. Kashyap’s music is alright but the songs haven’t become popular, which is a negative point. Lyrics (Shivangi R. Kashyap, Rishi Singh, Manoj Muntashir and Ketan Mehta) are in keeping with the flavour of the film. Jayesh Pradhan’s choreography is ordinary. Christo Bakalob’s camerawork is average. Editing (Pratik Chitalia) is okay.

Tere Mere Phere Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Tere Mere Phere has entertaining comedy upto a point but not the face value and the initial pulling power to make a mark at the box-office. Given its extremely poor start, it will go down in box-office history as a debacle.

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