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Cast: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda, Damandeep Singh

Director: Navneet Behal

Producer: Suryaveer Singh Bhullar

Plot: Tamanchey is a twisted love story, a love that fights all odds and breaks all rules. It’s as raw as it can get!

tamanchey Review
Tamanchey Movie Poster
Tamanchey Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda, Damandeep Singh

Director: Navneet Behal

What’s Good: Cheeky dialogues and the boisterous Richa Chadda.

What’s Bad: Everything else.

Loo break: Go with your magazines to the loo.

Watch or Not?: Tamanchey is easily an avoidable film. A movie that celebrates slang like it is the most enriching language ever to narrate a predictable, lame and unconvincing story, there can’t be any kind words for it. I have no idea why Nikhil Dwivedi is in profession which is clearly not for him and in a film where every time he is around Richa Chadda, he is crushed to the core. It’s a plain terrible film that is nothing more than a waste of time and an encyclopedia of needless cussing. Try to not watch it and retain your sanity.

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Munna (Nikhil) and Babu (Richa) meet after a police van accident where all criminals and policemen die. In between the firing guns, the two click off well. And soon they fall in love. The two are on the run and their love story goes hassle-free for a while after which Babu goes absconding. Further into the story Babu turns out to be the mistress of dreaded gang lord Rana Tau (Damandeep). Munna cannot fight the mighty and indispensable but will love force him for it is what the film holds in store for us.

Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda in a still from movie 'Tamanchey'
Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda in a still from movie ‘Tamanchey’

Tamanchey Review: Script Analysis

I wish I could say what script but the predictable narrative and the lack of novelty means a lack of good script but a script was surely in place for the film. It was predictable and not exactly unseen. Hero and heroine fall in love. She is the mistress of a menacing Gangster and the story kicks off. Not anything marvelous right?

The thing with such stories is that it rides on swag and though I can’t say a thing about the guy, our leading lady is top notch, every bit brilliant and full of enthusiasm. I feel bad for the kind of thankless roles she is meted with. She has the tapestry for better and the small part in Ramleela gave her more than a two hour long film which is sheer drudgery to watch unless she works to save it.

When you lie back and watch the film, you lose interest not because of bad acting as much as the bad story. The opening sequence begins with promise and just when I had begun thinking that dialogue-baazi can save the movie, the tempo drops almost to make this film a convoluted mess. There is no depth to the film’s writing. And despite a few memorable and crackling dialogues, the script lacks the needed crispness which could have made the film rise above mediocrity.

Tamanchey Review: Star Performances

Richa Chadda is feisty and brilliant in the film. It’s quirky, has a distinct zing in it and though the film falters, she doesn’t giving a performance that is amongst the film’s few good things.

Nikhil Dwivedi tries to be earnest but seems rehearsed. He is better than average but when pitted against Richa, he doesn’t quite a stand a chance of doing a better job.

It is Damandeep Singh who shows better promise than Nikhil. With a menacing look steady on his face, he builds his character beyond the stretches of the script’s limitations. His personality governs the role and he is matchless mostly.

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