Super Nani

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Super Nani
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Cast: Sharman Joshi, Randhir Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Rekha, Shweta Kumar

Director: Indra Kumar

Writer: Vipul Mehta

Producer/s: Indra Kumar, Ashok Thakeria

Music Director/s: Harshit Saxena, Sanjeev – Darshan

Plot: ‘Super Nani’ gives a strong message to all the women that their power lies within themselves; all they need to do is discover and use it.

The journey of Bharti Bhatia is definitely a one to be experienced, as the fun, laughter, tickles, and tears of happiness will leave you with a light heart and a changed mind.

super nani Review
Super Nani Movie Poster
Super Nani Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Sharman Joshi, Randhir Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Rekha, Shweta Kumar

Director: Indra Kumar

What’s Good: The charisma of Rekhaji that remains unfaded till date.

What’s Bad: The Ekta Kapoor brand of severe melodrama that sappily preaches pretty farcical moralities that Indian society functions on. Topped with all of it is a lame film that gets comical unintentionally.

Loo break: Well, it is wrongly comical and extremely boring. Need I say more?

Watch or Not?: Super Nani despite a lot of really funny scenes is a disaster to venture into. A wrong plot from the word go, and a pastiche of Ekta Kapoor’s brand of brain-damaging serials, this film is a full blown gyaan session on moral values. If you manage to save your hearing ability despite the high decibels of screeching females in the film (which will pierce through your ear drums), there is one dreadful film to bear. It’s a kitschy version of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi meets Khoon Bhari Maang. If the noise of it sounds palatable to you, good luck giving it a shot.

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Super Nani is the story of Bharti Bhatia who is treated like scum by her family. Degraded on a regular basis, she has a confidence issue as well until her NRI grandson decides to change the scenario for her. A photographer by profession, he sends out her portfolio pictures and soon enough she has a handful of great offers and a handsomely paid job which makes her richer. But that doesn’t change her family’s mentality who now envy her. She pulls off large stunts and brings them all closer to her and gets their reverence over the film.

Sharman Joshi and Rekha in a still from movie 'Super Nani'
Sharman Joshi and Rekha in a still from movie ‘Super Nani’

Super Nani Review: Script Analysis

It’s the story of a disregarded mother who despite Khoon se sichoing her family and paaloing her kids in her womb, is one thankless piece of a doormat for her folks. Being screamed upon by everyone at home, she still sings and prays for their well being. Her life changes when her elder grandson from America who in all the seriousness despite a poking-fun variety of fake accent brings alive in her self respect and dignity that had been long numbed. It’s a classic case of besahaara, abla naari who once out in the modeling world is a hit and up for grabs.

It’s not a novel plot and its television serial preachy approach kills its intention as well. The first half has funny gimmicks, like in one particular scene Munnabhai and Circuit-ish looking men come to Nani’s house for her son Suketu, but ends up getting their wounds bandaged, and their hungry stomach filled with delicious food. There is an Unrequited and unrequired need of trying to put the lady on a pedestal and villainifying all the other characters from the husband to the children.

A heartless CEO for husband, a stock market enthusiast for a son, a shrill aspiring actress for a daughter-in-law and a daughter who wants to marry a divorcee and stay in a live in relationship. The mindset with which the film is presented is so narrow that even an American bred Desi kid, talks of it as if its HIV and blames the West for it. I would call the approach of the film extremely shameful and primitive.

And once Rekha has removed the Halo from above her head, she is a superstar. Advertising deals makes her richer than her husband and her age is no barrier, with luck and looks both siding with her. In the end, she gives her family and the audience a two hour long class on how to respect women. And yet, I am amazed Rekhaji didn’t find this role disrespectful to her sensibility.

Super Nani Review: Star Performances

Rekhaji was the only respite in the film. Though she over dramatically hams in many parts, her finesse as an actor comes through, as she pulls through this role with utmost sincerity.

Randhir Kapoor too was average in his part bringing to the plate caricaturish acting but well his old charm worked over time.

Sharman Joshi was in my opinion a good actor but how a filmmaker drives his actor is on him. A fake American accent and glycerin filled eyes don’t quite get us emotional rather sparks off uproarious laughter.

Shweta Kumar needs a better make up artist and dance teacher. Her out of place, distinctly pink lipstick and funny dance moves don’t quite make her memorable in a good way. Blame Daddy Kumar, that he gave her a small role not enough to get us to gauge better. But then it might just be intentional.

Rajesh Kumar seemed like he will slip into his Rosesh mode any minute. He too was alright is his very loud part that expects to overdramatize things.

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