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Sadda Adda

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Cast: Karanvir Sharma, Bhaumik Sampat, Rohin Robert, Rohit Arora, Kunal Pant, Parimal Aloke, Shaurya Chauhan, Kahkkashan Aryan

Writer/Director: Muazzam Beg

Producer: Ramesh B. Agarwal, Rajeev R. Agarwal & Tarun R. Agarwal

Music: Shamir Tandon


sadda adda Review

Six boys stay in a flat in Delhi and work towards realising their dreams. Read the review of Sadda Adda for more.

Sadda Adda Review (Sadda Adda Movie Poster)
Sadda Adda Review

Business rating: 0.5/ 5 star (Half star)

Star cast: Karan Sharma, Rohin Robert, Rohit Arora, Bhaumik Sampat, Kunal Panth, Parimal Alok.

What’s Good:A few scenes; the ‘Sarfira’ song.

What’s Bad: The lack of a cohesive script; the directionless drama; the lack of empathy of the audience.

Verdict: Sadda Adda is a non-starter. It will go largely unnoticed.

Loo break: A couple of them.

Watch or Not?: Watch it if you want to encourage youngsters.

Rajtaru Studios Ltd.’s Sadda Adda (UA) is a story of six friends who stay in the same house in Delhi and are all trying to achieve something in life. Sameer Khanna (Karan Sharma) is a budding actor but is short-tempered and edgy. Rajat Hooda (Rohin Robert) is a Gujjar boy who dreams of going to America and making it big there. Jogi (Rohit Arora) is the son of Rajat’s servant and also his childhood friend. He is obese and is like the caretaker of the house. Irfan Habib (Bhaumik Sampat) is a liberal Muslim boy. He dreams of becoming a successful architect. Kabir Asthana (Kunal Panth) hails from a lower-middle class family and is an MBA in marketing. He is stuck with the uninspiring job of selling water purifiers but is on the lookout for a new job. Safal Yadav (Parimal Alok) from Bihar is preparing for his civil services examination for the third and last time. He dreams of becoming an IAS officer.

The six young boys have dreams, hopes and aspirations. They are all striving to excel in their fields. Kabir Asthana’s parents pay a short visit to their home. Suddenly one day, Safal commits suicide when he fails in his examinations. Days pass by. Sameer Khanna gets an acting assignment but messes it up. He also begins to have serious problems with Shreya Gujral (Shaurya Chauhan), his girlfriend. Life goes on. The drama then progresses till the friends go their separate ways. They meet in the end when Jogi calls them over for a reunion.Sadda Adda Review (Sadda Adda Movie Wallpaper)

Sadda Adda Review: Script Analysis

Muazzam Beg’s story is quite childish because although it sets out to show the struggles of the six boys, it does not manage to involve the audience since the drama is directionless. The track of the parents of one boy coming to the house looks meaningless and if it is intended to be funny, it isn’t. Similarly, the angle of Shreya Gujral’s car racing has no meaning at all. Even Sameer Khanna’s track fails to evoke any feeling of any kind among the audience. Probably, the weakest point of the drama is that the viewer feels no sympathy for any character in the film.

In other words, Muazzam Beg’s script is rather weak. Dialogues are ordinary.

Sadda Adda Review: Star Performances

Karan Sharma does well. Bhaumik Sampat is quite impressive. Kunal Panth does a fairly good job. Parimal Alok has his moments and is very natural. Rohin Robert is okay. Rohit Arora is the life of the film and is the best among all. Shaurya Chauhan is quite good. Kahkkashan Aryan is alright as Ridhima (friend of Irfan Habib). Others lend ordinary support.

Sadda Adda Review: Direction & Music

Muazzam Beg’s direction fails to add much to the soulless script. Music (Shamir Tandon, Band Of Boys and Ramji Gulati) is quite nice. The Sarfira song is very well-tuned and the song had the potential to become a hit. The title track and Dilli ki billi are also reasonably good numbers. Song picturisations are commonplace. Background score, by Vladimir Persan, is nice. Harvey Glen’s camerawork is okay.

Sadda Adda Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Sadda Adda is a dull fare. Given its poor start on the one hand and lack of merits on the other, it will fail to make any mark at the box-office.

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