Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai

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Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai
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Cast: Suniel Shetty, Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri, Neena Gupta, Rakesh Bedi, Udita Goswami, Shahwar Ali, Shayan Munshi, Kurush Deboo, Rajeev Varma, Deepak Shirke, Akhil Mishra, Mumait Khan, Avtar Gill, Deepak Qazir, Mukesh Ahuja, Gopi Desai, Dinesh Hingoo, Suresh Menon

Writer/Director: Rajnish Raj Thakur

Producer: Narendra Singh

Music Director: Sukhwinder Singh, Rajendra Shiv, Subash Pradhanm, Parvez Qadar

Plot: Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai is the journey of Amar Joshi (Suniel Shetty) who runs a video library in banaras and aspires to be a film maker. Despite facing objection from his father Amar Joshi decides to sell his video library and join a film Institute in London.

After completing his course he lands in the city of dreams ‘Mumbai’ to make his film. Suraj (Rajpal Yadav) is a struggling actor doing bit roles in T.V. serials, who is Amar’s only connection in Bollywood.

Amar Joshi starts his struggle to make his film by meeting different type of producers who have their own take on amar’s story. After many failed attempts He finally bumps into Monty Chadda (Rakesh Bedi) a P.R. Publicity man who sees good potential in Amar and decides to produce his film.

Amar & Monty take help of star secretary Gupta ji (Akhil Mishra) to convince Mohini (Udita Goswami) & her starry mother Mummy ji (Neena Gupta) who agrees to do the film.

Amar’s film starts, but is stalled all of a sudden when Monty suddenly disappears. Amar is summoned by Sudama Bhosle (Deepak shirke) a don who was financing his film. He wants Amar to complete his film and also wants him to cast his girlfriend ‘Tina’ (Mummait Khan) Amar reluctantly agrees as he has no option. But as luck would have it Sudama Bhosle is shot dead and Amar’s film is stalled once again. Monty Chaddha resurfaces again and decides to make Amar’s film into a magnum opus. So a veteran silver jubilee writer Mr. Baig (Om Puri) is brought on board. Once in, Mr. Baig takes over the reins of the film from Amar and changes it into a totally different film all together.

What follows is a chain of events which gives the audience a never seen before insight into the modus operand of how films are generally made in bollywood. In a nutshell Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai will take you on a wild journey inside the dreamy world of bollywood where you will see the reality of the largest film industry of the world. It won’t just make you laugh; it will make you appreciate the efforts of those who try to entertain you every Friday.

mere dost picture abhi baki hai Review

Rating: 1/5 stars (One star)

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Movie Review
Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Movie Review

Star Cast: Sunil Shetty, Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri, Neena Gupta, Rakesh Bedi, Udita Goswami, Shahwar Ali, Shayan Munshi, Deepak Shirke and Mumait Khan.

What’s Good: Rajpal Yadav’s earnest acting; the thought behind the film.

What’s Bad: The aimless script; the repetitive lyrics; some characters in the movie.

Verdict: Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai might have had a good thought behind it, but it’s a boring package on screen.

Watch or Not: If you haven’t had sleep for quite some time, catch this film.

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Everyone loves Bollywood; some make the mistake of trying to make a career out of it. Amar Joshi (Sunil Shetty) is one such romantic. Armed with dreams of Bollywood and a course in direction from a London University, he lands up in Bollywood trying to get his dream film, Cheekh, made. While chasing producers and production houses, Amar has a helpful friend Suraj (Rajpal Yadav), a struggling actor who tries to give him sane advice.

After months of running around, Amar finally ropes in an ear-scratching producer Monty (Rakesh Bedi) for his film. Soon, he also manages to rope in the “top actress” Mohini (Udita Goswami). Everything is almost fine until the real financer of the film, underworld don Sudama Bhosle (Deepak Shirke) decides that he wants to do his part for the film. So now Amar has to include Sudama’s foul-mouthed girlfriend Tina (Mumait Khan) in the film. Dissatisfied with her role, Tina persuades Sudama to include her as an “item” in the film. Frustrated at having to include a glitzy dance number in a film about a journalist’s rape, Amar is at wits’ end. Then Sudama gets gunned down in an encounter.

Will Amar’s film ever get made? Where will the money come from? Will the inclusion of Baig Saab (Om Puri) as the scriptwriter in the film improve it or destroy it? Watch the rest of the film to find out.

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Movie Poster
Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Movie Poster

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Review: Script Analysis & Direction

Rajnish Raj Thakur is the one-man show. He has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and even directed the film. The thought behind the story is good: how a director/scriptwriter’s movie gets hackneyed by the people in the industry. Everyone wants their say in a film that ends up going nowhere.

But this does not come out in the screenplay. You end up watching the making of a movie in a movie and it bores you to endless yawns. The jokes are barely funny. Some of the characters, like the crotch-grabbing producer-director – are plain irritating. The direction is so tiring and winding that like Sunil Shetty’s character towards the end of the film, you’re just waiting for the credits to roll.

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Review: Star Performances

Sunil Shetty tries to act well as Amar Joshi, but there’s a resignation in his role. Rajpal Yadav, as Suraj, is one of the few people who does his best, and even brings relief when you see him on screen. Udita Goswami is strictly alright as the “star” Mohini; except mouthing “Waaaaw!” she doesn’t really have much to do. Om Puri’s pan-chewing role as Baig Saab is nothing special. Neena Gupta is good as Mohini’s demanding mother. Rakesh Bedi is okay as Monty, except that his wig and fake moustache seem to be peeling off for most of the movie. Shahwar Ali and Shayan Munshi are as wooden as it gets as the action and romantic heroes. Deepak Shirke and Mumait Khan are okay in their small roles.

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Review: Music, Editing & Technical Aspects

Sukhwinder Singh, Rajendra Shiv, Subash Pradhan and Parvez Qadar’s music is forgettable. Sameer, Ravi Chopra, Swasti Shree Sharma and Taabish Romani’s lyrics are lazy. They seem to be two-three words repeated in most of the songs. Aarif Sheikh’s editing is okay. Nothing special about Surendra Rao’s cinematography.

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki HaiReview: The Last Word

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai is long, winding movie that makes you wonder “Picture Aur Kitni Baki Hai?” It’s only Rajpal Yadav’s earnest acting that is saving grace.

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai Trailer

Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai releases on 20th July 2012.

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