Love U… Mr. Kalakaar!

love u mr kalakaar Plot
Love U… Mr. Kalakaar!
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Cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Prem Chopra

Director: S. Manasvi

Plot: Love You Mr. Kalakaar revolves around the two main protagonists, Sahil (Tusshar Kapoor), a cartoonist, essentially an artist who is inspired by anything and everything under the sun. His world is full of beauty and emotions. Ritu (Amrita Rao) is a management trainee who lives and breathes business turnovers, profit, loss, debits and credits. What happens when these two individuals from two different worlds fall in love forms the base of this romantic flick.

Writer: S. Manasvi

Soundtrack: Music for the film is composed by Sandesh Shandilya.

All about the movie: Love You Mr. Kalakaar is a Rajshree Productions’ film. The movie is director S. Manasvi’s first venture. Apart from direction, she has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie. The movie has been shot in Mumbai and in the scenic locations of Ooty. The shooting of the movie has reached completion and it is now in post-production stage.

love u mr kalakaar Review

Sahil (Tusshar Kapoor), a cartoonist, falls in love with Ritu (Amrita Rao), who also wants to marry him. Ritu’s father, industralist Deshraj Diwan (Ram Kapoor), is opposed to their marriage. What happens next? Read the review of Love U… Mr. Kalakaar! for more.

Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! Review (Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Poster)Business rating: 0.5 star

Star cast: Tusshar Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Ram Kapoor, Madhoo.

What’s Good: Actors’ performances.

What’s Bad: The routine and dated script; emotions that don’t touch the heart; slow pace of the drama; the music.

Verdict: Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! will bomb at the box-office.

Loo break: Anytime.

Watch or Not? Watch if you are a fan of Rajshri films.

Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! is a love story about Sahil (Tusshar Kapoor) and Ritu (Amrita Rao). Sahil is a cartoonist who is struggling to have his own cartoon strip in a newspaper. Ritu is the daughter of a rich businessman, Deshraj Diwan (Ram Kapoor), who is arrogant and proud. He runs a factory of automobile parts and considers money to be the be-all and end-all of all things. Living with Ritu and her dad (she doesn’t have a mother) is her paternal aunt, Vidya (Madhoo), who has had a bad marriage. Deshraj blames the failure of Vidya’s marriage on the fact that her husband was a mere poet.

Sahil meets Ritu in her father’s office where she is an intern and he has come to design the logo of a new product the company is to launch. Soon, Sahil and Ritu fall in love with one another.

All hell breaks loose when Deshraj Diwan learns that his daughter is in love with a cartoonist and even wants to marry him. He agrees to meet Sahil but ticks him off in the very first meeting, making it amply clear that he would want a rich husband for his only daughter. When he sees that Ritu is adamant about marrying him, he meets Sahil once again in the presence of Ritu and throws him a challenge: if he wants Ritu’s hand in marriage, he would have to prove to her father his capability of earning a lot of money to look after her. For this, Deshraj Diwan makes Sahil the managing director of his company for three months, challenging him to show monetary results during that period. Sahil accepts the challenge but his job is rendered difficult because the assistant (Yatin Karyekar) he is given turns out to be a rogue who puts spokes in the wheel as he becomes the paid stooge of Manohar Awasthi (Jai Kalra) who dreams of becoming the managing director of the company. Sahil is also humiliated by Diwan but he slowly wins over the company’s employees when he fights for them and prevents retrenchment. He also wins over his assistant when he promises not to complain to Diwan about his evil actions which resulted in cancellation of a huge order by Jayant Singh Chavan (Kiran Kumar), whose company gave them a lot of business. He soon learns the business with able guidance from Ritu who returns to her company after spending a month with her maternal grandfather (Prem Chopra). Diwan had sent Ritu away for two reasons: firstly, this would ensure that Sahil and she could not meet for a month at least, and secondly, he wanted Ritu to meet another boy, Aman (Prashant Ranyal), who lived in the same city as her grandfather as he considered him a good match for her.

What happens thereafter? Does the true love of Ritu and Sahil triumph over the money-mindedness of Deshraj Diwan? Does Sahil succeed in showing results in the company? The climax provides the answers.

Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! Review (Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Stills)
Love U… Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Stills

Love U Mr Kalakaar Review – Script Analysis

S. Manasvi’s script is unbelievably routine and dated. It reminds of Sooraj Barjatya’s Maine Pyar Kiya. In that film, the boy sets out to earn money to prove his love for the girl while in this film, the girl’s father challenges the boy to earn money, giving him the reins of his own company, to prove his love. But even that similarity may not have been a big issue if the script had the same emotional connect with the audience as in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. However, Manasvi’s story and screenplay just don’t touch the heart, leaving the audience absolutely unconcerned and unaffected. There’s no feeling of sorrow when Diwan rejects Sahil’s proposal for marriage with Ritu. This is probably because there is no depth or intensity in the love affair of Sahil and Ritu. Also, why a hardcore businessman like Diwan would risk his own company worth crores of rupees by handing over its charge for one quarter of a year to someone who doesn’t understand business or balance sheets, has not been explained. Why, instead, couldn’t he just give him a few crores of rupees and ask him to multiply that money by doing some business. That way, Diwan would at least keep his business intact. An explanation to justify Diwan’s reckless action has been sought to be given when he says that he has set up the business for his daughter to reap the benefits, so he can as well see it being ruined for the sake of his daughter’s secure future. But this explanation doesn’t hold much water. Again, after Sahil is made the managing director, the majority of the problems are created by the aspiring managing director (Jai Kalra) and his stooge, which somewhat dilutes the severity of Diwan’s challenge. Ritu obeying her father’s diktat and going away to her grandfather’s place in another city also doesn’t quite go with the character of Ritu. For, if Ritu was so obedient, she’d not dare to defy her father and insist on getting married to Sahil. So, while she is shown to be oh-so-obedient for one aspect, she is shown to be quite a rebel in another aspect.

Even Ritu helping Sahil looks far-fetched because it is not as if she was great at business. In fact, she is shown to be not so good at work! Yet another drawback of the drama is that it moves at such a leisurely pace that it tests the audience’s patience. If the romance is not heart-warming, the obstacles in the path of the lovers aren’t of the kind which would make the audience pray for the two lovers. Similarly, the climax doesn’t have the emotional appeal it ought to have had. Yes, the weak-hearted ladies might shed a tear or two but that’s simply not enough for a love story like this.

Yet another weak point is that the film revolves around just three characters – Sahil, Ritu and Deshraj Diwan – making the drama monotonous. The romance is far from exciting, comedy is conspicuous by its absence, emotions are very few and the drama is dry. Dialogues (S. Manasvi) are good at places.

Love U Mr Kalakaar Review – Performances & Direction

Tusshar Kapoor acts with effortless ease. He makes the character of Sahil believable. Amrita Rao is also good. Ram Kapoor goes through his role with sincerity. Madhoo has been wasted. Jai Kalra doesn’t quite impress. Prashant Ranyal is okay in the role of Aman. Kunal Kumar is okay. Yatin Karyekar is miscast. He is ill at ease in the role of the trouble-making assistant and his outlandish wig only makes him look ridiculous. Kiran Kumar lends average support.

S. Manasvi’s direction is as bland as his script. The film has no highs or lows, moving at one level throughout. Music (Sandesh Shandilya) is dull. None of the songs creates an impact. Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics are commonplace. The choreography of the songs is routine. Cinematography (Saurabh Vishwkarma) is average. Technically, so-so. Production values are ordinary.

Love U Mr Kalakaar Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! is a non-starter and looks so dated that it has nothing to merit a pick-up. It will therefore, bomb at the box-office.

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