Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

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Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Release Date:

Cast: Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth

Writer/Director: Arif Ali

Producer/s: Dinesh Vijan, Saif Ali Khan

Music Director: A.R.Rahman

Plot: Set in uber cool south Mumbai – we follow the lives of – Dino and Karishma – their lifestyle and attitude- both are young and restless and want to live life on their own terms, frocklining around the city and painting town red with friends.

When their exciting lives gets jolted with the pressure Karishma’s family is piling on to getting her hitched, she and her rebellious best friend, Dino, realize that its them who are in fact ‘made for each other’. Being the rulers of their destiny, they elope to forge a lifetime of love, fun and freedom.

But they are yet to learn that life isn’t that simple. And sometimes who you love the most… can become the biggest problem.

LHDD follows a year in the young and passionate lives of Dino and Karishma who go through friendship, disillusionment, shame, conflict and heartbreak until they realize true love.

But the question is – will they make the same mistake..again??

lekar hum deewana dil Review
Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Movie Poster
Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star cast: Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth

Director: Arif Ali

What’s Good: The basic concept of the film was firm and interesting.

What’s Bad: The scattered execution goes a step forward in dispersing an already scrambled plotline. The acting of its stars didn’t seem praiseworthy either and the mediocre music is shockingly bad.

Loo break: Far too many to number.

Watch or Not?: If you are bunking college and looking for a spot to simply chill, even then I wouldn’t recommend Lekar Hum Deewana Dil to you. It’s dismally bad. Director Arif Ali brings out a flavorsome concept and rips it apart. Adding superfluous scenes can only lengthen a film but doesn’t give it depth. Ali’s actors Armaan and Deeksha show no chemistry all through the film which is where this romantic comedy sags. The film is such sheer waste of time and qualifies pretty much as unwatchable!

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Dinesh Nigam (Armaan Jain) and Deeksha Seth (Karishma Shetty) have been the best of buddies in college. Somewhere amidst being friends, the two fall in love. Unfortunately Karishma belongs to a stringent and conservative family which doesn’t match her modern upbringing. Dinesh has to save the love of his life and hence the two elope.

While initially it all goes well for the two, misfortune strike them when they realize that they have ventured into a serious relationship too soon. With the families discovering them and their problems getting the better of them, will love emerge victorious in this grim case?

Armaan Jain and Deeksha Seth in a still from movie ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’
Armaan Jain and Deeksha Seth in a still from movie ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Review: Script Analysis

Thankfully, the film did have a script in place. But sadly it was too borrowed to even remotely qualify as original. Arif Ali doesn’t go too far but laces his film with brother Imtiaz Ali’s movies. I found dashes of Socha Na Tha to Love Aaj Kal to Jab We Met and even Highway. Probably in its tryst to copy from a plethora of sources, the script in place lost its genuine honesty and earnestness.

After a typical Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na beginning where two best friends are unsure whether they are the perfect match for each other, the film takes to the Highway with the boy and the girl eloping from home. I did like the premise of the film honestly, but since the script is so flawed in itself, the movie doesn’t achieve much. Two young people fall in love too soon and embark on serious relationship out of the blue is something that could have been relatable but since the treatment of the story is done so unwittingly, the movie droops through its run time.

The genuine moments are far too few and the technical mistakes are too many. In one scene, Karishma tells Dino how great it would be if they were 21 and they could legally be with the people they want and in the next scene we see them getting married! A fault of this magnitude doesn’t count as flimsy but more on the careless side.

The interpersonal relationships are seriously warped too in the film. A father punching down his son like he is some criminal is weird, a boyfriend/husband almost punching his wife/girlfriend is another weird spot in the film. Faced with a very odd kind of violence here, the film shocks you at places it shouldn’t have. Barring probably a scene or two where the tender chemistry comes out, the film is pretty much a tirade.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Review: Star Performances

Armaan Jain is pretty bad as an actor. Or lets just say he can’t act. I usually am not this harsh on debutants but Armaan Jain was expected to be better given his legacy and he fails it completely!

Deeksha is rather good. Not as a standalone but probably it is the relative factor that works here.

The rest of the cast put up a forgettable show and were easy to miss. And when you miss an actor like Kumud Mishra in a film, you must know that the actor is wasted on a plot that doesn’t do any justice to him.

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