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Cast: Shiney Ahuja, Sayali Bhagat, Tej Sapru, Deepraj Rana

Director: Puja Jatinder Bedi

Producer: Bharat Shah

Music Director: Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri

Lyricist: Kumaar, A.M. Turaz, Sandeep Nath

Plot: City Hospital witnesses a chain of blood curdling spine chilling murders. A beautiful young recruit Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) is faced with uncanny happenings at the hospital. She is stunned by the monstrous force that sweeps out of the night  to cause a trail of gruesome killings. What or who is responsible for this strange murderous  destruction? The murderer uses a unique methodology, leaving behind no trails, defying all human comprehension.

A leading investigating agency entrusted with the case, assign it to their most competent officer Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja). Vijay a debonair romantic young detective moves intelligently to gather information about the mysterious murders. Among the first he questions is Dr.Suhani. There is immediate chemistry between the two.

The culprit moves again and we witness more horrifying  brutal killings. Success eludes Vijay but he gets passionately involved in the case treating it as his personal war against the slaughterer.

What follows is an exciting path of love, intrigue, passion, deceit, revenge and nerve wrecking treachery.

Finally, God proposes and evil disposes.

ghost Review

Ghost Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Shiva Rajkumar, Jayaram, Anupam Kher, Prashant Narayanan, Satya Prakash, and Archana Jois.

Director: MG Srinivas

Ghost Movie Review
Ghost Movie Review (Picture Credit: IMDB)

What’s Good: The movie offers a triple dose of entertainment. Shiva Rajkumar’s sassy dialogues & punches are some of whistle worthy scenes.

What’s Bad: Certain moments in ‘Ghost’ felt half-baked, leading to questions about their rationale and execution, only to be promptly altered by the evolving storyline.

Loo Break: Although some twists are illogical, enjoying some of the genuine whistle-worthy action sequences is worth waiting for.

Watch or Not?: It’s a complete action thriller. Even if that’s not your usual preference, it’s worth considering.

Language: Kannada (with subtitles at selected theatres).

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Runtime: 127 Minutes

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The age-old dynamic of a virtuous lawman and a rogue is a well-explored genre. In ‘Ghost,’ starring South cinema heavyweights Shiva Rajkumar and Jayaram, the anticipation for an epic venture is palpable. Did this Kannada release meet the expectations? Let’s find out.

The persistent endeavor of former CBI chief Vaman and an ACP to privatize a prison culminates in success. As everyone assembles for a puja and celebratory moment, Shiva Rajkumar, known as Big Daddy, makes a dramatic entrance in the midst of an artificial chilli powder storm, greeted by an uproarious applause from the crowd. Before one can fathom the reasons and methods, he embarks on an intense showdown, aided by a handful of inmates. But what drove Big Daddy to breach the prison’s walls? Is he a villain, and if so, what motivates him? These questions lie at the heart of ‘Ghost’.

Ghost Movie Review
Ghost Movie Review (Picture Credit: Youtube)

Ghost Movie Review: Script Analysis

Ghost kicks off with an inauguration ceremony in a prison tower, where they’re celebrating the passing of a bill to privatize a prison in the city. However, as the story unfolds, we find out the decision is driven by greed. In a unique twist, this heist isn’t targeting a bank or an educational institution; it’s all about stealing from the prison itself, with no demands made to the government. The heist becomes a real conundrum for the criminals, as they find themselves needing to locate the very thing they came to steal.

The somber monochrome setting effectively establishes the atmosphere in ‘Ghost.’ Shiva Rajkumar, with his numerous charismatic entrances, effortlessly embodies the essence of mass appeal. His actions speak louder than words, which is characteristic of a Rajkumar film, and the anticipation remains intact.

However, once the spotlight shifts from the protagonist to the film’s narrative, it becomes evident that ‘Ghost’ is a missed opportunity. Srinivas’s screenplay fluctuates between sophistication and confusion. While some instances showcase clever storytelling, others baffle with their implausible twists. The plot’s surprises often feel contrived, tailored to the hero’s agenda and appearing illogical otherwise.

Furthermore, ‘Ghost’ employs a non-linear screenplay that feels excessively packed, making it challenging for individual scenes to leave a lasting impact. The brisk narrative captivates your attention, but the abrupt transitions leave little room for digesting the unfolding events.

Ghost Movie Review: Star Performance

As anticipated, Shiva Rajkumar, reprising his renowned gangster persona, tackles the role with finesse. He effortlessly embodies the vigilante archetype, and Srinivas capitalizes on his captivating screen presence.

Jayaram, portraying City Commissioner Chengappa, dubs his own lines in Kannada and injects remarkable energy into a somewhat caricatured character. M G Srinivas, who also assumes the role of Mohan Das, delivers a commendable performance, although nothing particularly memorable. Anupam Kher makes a cameo appearance toward the end, hinting at his presence in the next installment. Yes, there’s one on the horizon!

Anupam Kher, in his brief cameo, masterfully weaves his enchantment, displaying his signature charm and charisma, underscoring his enduring significance to the film industry.

Shiney Ahuja is called in to investigate gruesome murders taking place in the hospital in which Sayali Bhagat works. What happens next? Find out in the review of  Ghost.

Ghost Movie Poster
Ghost Movie Poster

Business rating: 0.5/5 stars (Half star)

Genre: Horror suspense

Star cast: Shiney Ahuja, Sayali Bhagat, Julia.

What’s Good: Three songs.

What’s Bad: The uninspiring script; the lack of the scary element in the horror scenes; the ordinary performances of the lead actors; the slow pace; the inane dialogues.

Verdict: Ghost will haunt its makers with poor box-office collections.

Loo break: A couple.

Watch or Not?: Watch it if you like horror dramas even if they aren’t chilling.

Spoiler alert! You may want to skip directly to the ‘Script Analysis’ portion of the review.

Mega Bollywood and Owl Village Films Pvt. Ltd.’s Ghost (A) is a horror film. Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) works in City Hospital in which nurse Lea is murdered in the most gruesome man­ner and under mysterious circumstan­ces. The murderer has left no clue and, therefore, there is no evidence. There is also not a single eye witness. Dr. Saxena (Deep Raj Rana), who had sexual relations with nurse Lea on the day she was killed, receives a telephone call from Lea two days later, and he invites her to his house. Lea goes to him and he is also soon found murdered. His body is also badly mutilated. It turns out that the phone call had been made to Dr. Saxena after the murder of Lea but both, Lea’s body and her cell phone were chanced upon by Dr. Suhani only two days later.

Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja), the chief investigation officer of a renown­ed detective agency, is put on the job to solve the murder case. Even while he is investigating, another employee of the hospital is found murdered and the corpse is a ghastly sight. In quick succession, another doctor is found murdered in a horrendous fashion.

All the four murders are of the hos­pital’s staff members; they take place around 3 a.m.; the hearts of all the victims are found removed from their bodies; the bodies are badly dama­ged; there are no clues and no wit­ nesses. Dr. Suhani suspects the presence of some unnatural force but Vijay Singh doesn’t think so. Even as the investigation is in progress, Vijay Singh and Dr. Suhani become fond of each other and fall in love with one another.

Suddenly, it emerges that Vijay Singh had had an accident in which he had forgotten a few things about his past (retrograde amnesia). Among the things he had forgotten was that he had participated in a television game show called Sadak Chhap. His co-participant in the show was one Mary (Julia). Strangely, Mary has a connection with the hospital murders. As the drama progresses, it is reveal­ed that Vijay Singh had gotten mar­ried to Mary who had been killed gruesomely on the wedding day itself. Who had killed Mary and why? Was it Mary’s ghost now on the prowl? Why had the ghost targeted two doctors, a nurse and an employee of the hospital? Answers to these questions are revealed in the second half.

Sayali Bhagat, Shiney Ahuja in Ghost
Sayali Bhagat and Shiney Ahuja in a still from Ghost.

Ghost Review: Script Analysis

Puja Jatinder Bedi’s story is juvenile and her screenplay goes haywire. Vijay Singh happens to be the investigation officer, otherwise the case may have remained unsolved – this is difficult to digest. Also, although the film is a horror drama, it rarely, if ever, mana­ges to send a chill down the spine. In other words, the scenes are intended to be scary but are far from it. The romantic track looks completely out of place in the horror drama and even the cosy scenes between Vijay Singh and Dr. Suhani appear forced and any- thing but romantic. Besides, the rom­antic interludes dilute the investigation process or so the audience feels. Even otherwise, the inquiry seems to be headed in no particular direction for quite some time. Likewise, the first scene between Vijay Singh and his businessman-father (Tej Sapru) looks forced into the drama and is, in a way, a giveaway because the audience senses that the father would be a link in the horror drama. Since Vijay Singh was aware of his accident and his medical report mentioned that he had had a partial loss of memory, it seems strange when he is astounded to learn that he had participated in a game show which he can’t now rem­ember. Why is he astonished?

The first clue which Vijay Singh gets while solving the murder case is  a earring – and this looks very far-fetched, more so because the correlation between the earring and the murder is hurriedly shown. Yet an­ other weakness of the script is that the pace of the drama is very slow and robs the drama of the excitement there ought to have been in a sus­pense horror film like this. Dialogues, also penned by Puja Jatinder Bedi, are inane most of the times.

Ghost Review: Star Performances

Shiney Ahuja does a fair job but his performance seems laidback, pro­bab­ly because of the lacklustre script. Sayali Bhagat is average. Her dialog­ue delivery does not befit a doctor. Julia is ordinary. Deep Raaj Rana performs effectively. Tej Sapru pro­ vides unexceptional support. Manish Upadhyay, Sandip Soparrkar (in a dance) and the others fill the bill.

Ghost Review: Direction & Music

Puja Jatinder Bedi’s direction is dull as the chills and thrills of a horror sus­pense drama are missing completely. Music (Toshi-Shabri) is a plus point. The ‘Aaja’, ‘Jalwanuma’ and ‘Salaame salaame’ songs are well-tuned and appealing. Lyrics (Kumaar, A.M. Turaz and Sandeep Nath) are nice. Picturisation of the ‘Jalwanuma’ song is eye-filling for the beautiful locations rather than due to the choreography. The dance by Shiney Ahuja and Sayali Bhagat in the ‘Salaame salaame’ song is weak as the grace in their dancing is missing. It must be added that all the romantic songs come abruptly and break the flow of the drama or whatever there is of it. The job of the choreographers (Longines Fernandes, Piyush Panchal and Stanley D’costa) is ordinary, at best. Background music, scored by Raju Singh, is very average. Prem Sharma’s stunts are commonplace. Visual effects are truly ordinary.

Ghost Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Ghost fails to scare the audience and, therefore, its coll­ections will scare the daylights out of the people associated with it. A poor show.

Don’t agree with our review of this film? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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