Diary Of A Butterfly

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Diary Of A Butterfly

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Cast: Udita Goswami, Rati Agnihotri, Rajesh Khattar, Harsh Chhaya, Naseer Abdullah, Sofia Hayat, Rajeev Singh, Aryan Vaid, Ronny Jhutti, Gaurav Dixit, Sneha Belani, Johnny Nirmal as Delete Singh

Director: Vinod Mukhi

Producer/s: Anil Dalmia, Rakesh Sabharwal

Music: Taz – Stereonation, Mukhtar Sahota & Shibani Kashyap

Plot: This is a story about a girl named Gul, who starts her journey for success from her hometown Jaipur. She is hungry for success so she decides to go to the city of dreams, Mumbai. When she is leaving for Mumbai, her mother gives her a Diary. She says to Gul that it will be very helpful if she records her day to day activities in the Diary. She also gives her a Note, on which there are some knowledgeable lines written.

In Mumbai she works for a Fashion House. She stays with her friends Piya, who works an as accountant in the same Fashion House, and with Carol, who is an owner of a Spa.

When she starts her journey in Mumbai she forgets each and every relationship in the thirst for success. She uses people as stairs in her journey of life in order to reach to the top. She even takes the Diary and the Note as a joke. But when she reaches the peak, she finds out that while running for success she has hurt many people knowingly or sometimes even without any intention. She had abused many people who tried to correct her and now currently she has nobody to celebrate her new found success. Her errant and reckless lifestyle and line approach to achieve her goal made her lose every friend in life.

So she starts reading her Diary from the start just to find out if she has treated someone to the worst degree. Also the Notes Lines starts ringing in her head helping her realize her mistakes and also telling her to apologize to them.

When she decides to correct all the mistakes she has made in the past i.e. to apologize to each and everyone she has hurt, she finds out the truth about Mumbai and the Corporate World. She is so shocked seeing the response of the people that she decides to stay the way she is. She also refuses to listen to her Mother because she thinks because of the Diary and the Note she went to correct things which in-turn became a joke on herself.

Arrogant, Reckless, Social and a Dreamer who will continue her journey for more success but in her own way.

diary of a butterfly Review

Udita Goswami, who wants to be a fashion designer, climbs the ladder of success by using her sexuality. Read the review of Diary Of A Butterfly for more.

Diary Of A Butterfly Review (Diary Of A Butterfly Movie Poster)
Diary Of A Butterfly Review

Business rating: 0.5/5 star (Half star)

Star cast: Udita Goswami, Rajeev Singh, Ronny Jhutti, Gaurav Dixit, Harsh Chhaya, Aryan Vaid, Rajesh Khattar.

What’s Good: Sex as a selling point.

What’s Bad: Apology of a story; the below-the-mark performances.

Verdict: Diary Of A Butterfly is a poor fare.

Loo break: Several.

Watch or Not?: Watch only if you like films which have sex as the sole selling point, that too, not explicit.

Bhaggyashri Production and Prince Movies’ Diary Of A Butterfly (A) is the story of an ambitious girl who would do anything to climb the ladder of success in her profession as a fashion designer.

Gul (Udita Goswami) comes from Jaipur to Bombay to pursure her dream of fashion designing. She joins the company of Vivek (Harsh Chhaya) to whom she soon complains about Adi (Ronny Jhutti), her senior who seeks sexual favours from her for okaying her designs. This is her way of getting back at Adi with whom she had to sleep. She soon becomes Vivek’s blue-eyed employee and is promoted, but stabs him in the back when she gets a far more lucrative job offer from his competitor, Ravi Bajaj (Aryan Vaid). Before long, she ditches Ravi Bajaj too to join Xavier (Rajesh Khattar).

Gul’s mother, Shobha (Rati Agnihotri), always reminds Gul to maintain a diary, jotting down the day’s happen- ings in it as she feels, it would serve as a mirror of her life. Gul obliges but she soon tires of writing the diary. This is because of her own moves in life and also because she feels terribly let down by Karan (Rajeev Singh), her boyfriend in Jaipur, and her two friends in Bombay, Carol (Sofia Hayat) and Pia (Sneha Belani).

Diary Of A Butterfly Review (Diary Of A Butterfly Movie Stills)
Diary Of A Butterfly Review (Diary Of A Butterfly Movie Stills)

Diary Of A Butterfly Review: Script Analysis

Vinod Mukhi’s story is actually an apology of it as the sole intention seems to be to titillate the audience. Asad Ajmeri’s screenplay abounds in scenes of intimacy as well as bathing and bedroom sequences, again intended mainly to excite the audience sexually. Little attention has been paid to anything other than sex. Why, it is not even very clear why Gul tires of writing the diary – because of her own lifestyle and professional moves or because she feels let down by her friends. If it is because she is let down by her friends, it doesn’t hold water because she herself is shown to be someone who simply uses people and conveniently forgets them thereafter. It is not clear what the story writer and screenplay writer want to convey through the film. Asad Ajmeri’s dialogues are quite crass.

Diary Of A Butterfly Review: Star Performances

Udita Goswami is alright as Gul. Rajeev Singh is so-so. Ronny Jhutti fails to impress. Gaurav Dixit at least makes an effort to act. Harsh Chhaya, Aryan Vaid and Rajesh Khattar are alright. Rati Agnihotri is earnest. Naseer Abdullah is average as Gul’s father as he gets almost no scope. Sofia Hayat gives a poor account of herself. Sneha Belani can hardly act. Johnny Nirmal tries to be funny as Delete but fails. He is also let down terribly by the silly dialogues. Others fill the bill.

Diary Of A Butterfly Review: Direction & Technical Aspects

Vinod Mukhi’s direction is no better than his story. He is simply not able to get the audience involved in the drama. Music (Taz – Stereo Nation, Mukhtar Sahota and Shibani Kashyap) is more functional than anything else. Lyrics (Arif Lohar, Arko and Virag Mishra) are ordinary. Song picturisations pass muster. Dhruv Dhalla’s background score is commonplace. Cinematography (Mohan Verma and Mohan Prajapati) hardly deserves mention. Production and other technical values are just about okay.

Diary Of A Butterfly Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Diary Of A Butterfly is a poor show all the way with sex as its only selling point. But even that won’t help much, thanks to the lack of face value and promotion and the listless English title.

Diary Of A Butterfly releases in India on 2 March 2012.

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