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Cast: Dev Anand, Jackie Shroff, Riya Sen, Divya Dutta, Naseruddin Shah, Yashpal Sharma, Milind Gunaji

Director/Producer: Dev Anand

Music: Ad Boys

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Navketan International Films’ Chargesheet (UA) is the story of a retired police officer who fights back when he is wrongly framed for murder.

Sultan (Naseeruddin Shah), a notorious don settled in Dubai, tells Bombay-based film director Mahesh (Jackie Shroff), writer Jimmy (Milind Gunaji) and star Suraj (Chirag Patil) to promote his girlfriend, Maria (Shaila Khan), by making a film with her cast in the female lead role. He sends Maria to Bombay and she brings a gun with her for Suraj. The shooting for Maria’s film soon begins in Mahabaleshwar.

Meanwhile, Gambhir Singh (Dev Anand), a retired police officer who had driven Sultan out from Bombay to Dubai, comes to meet his estranged daughter-in-law, Maria. She had deserted her husband, Gambhir’s son, who had subsequently died of shock. Gambhir wants Maria to come back and look after her daughter, seven-year-old Munni, but Maria is not interested and drives her father-in-law away.

Mini (Divya Dutta) has been a regular heroine of Mahesh’s films. She is furious when he dumps her for Maria in the new film. She demands to be cast in the film and blackmails Mahesh, Jimmy and Suraj as she has lewd MMSes of each of them in compromising positions with her. Mahesh, Jimmy and Suraj complain to Sultan, who assures them that he would take care of Mini. The next day, Mini is found murdered. Police investigations point the needle of suspicion towards Mahesh, Jimmy, Suraj, Maria and Gambhir, who was also in the vicinity of the scene of crime. While the other four are taken to the lockup, Gambhir speaks to the home minister and gets seven days’ reprieve to prove his innocence. The minister also sends two officers, Ram and Salim, to help Gambhir.

How Gambhir investigates and proves his innocence, and gets the real culprit arrested, form the rest of the crime drama.

Chargesheet Review (Chargesheet Movie Wallpaper)

Chargesheeet Review – Script Analysis

The story, penned by Dev Anand, is hackneyed and disjointed and leaves the audience unimpressed. Dev Anand’s screenplay is routinely structured and fails to generate interest in the proceedings. Also, shooting so much in a much-used location like Mahabaleshwar will not go down well with the audiences.

Chargesheeet Review – Star Performances

Dev Anand’s age shows. His stylised dialogue delivery seems out of place in the role of a retired police officer. However, his acting is okay. Naseeruddin Shah puts in a good performance. Jackie Shroff is passable. Milind Gunaji doesn’t have much to do. Divya Dutta is nice. Chirag Patil is disappointing. Shaila Khan has neither the looks nor the acting talent to essay the glamorous role of Maria. Yashpal Sharma makes his presence felt. Shehzad Khan passes muster. Riya Sen is okay in a guest appearance. Devshi Khanduri and Anish Vikramaditya are just about alright. The rest of the cast lends decent support.

Chargesheeet Review – Direction & Music

Dev Anand does a slipshod job of direction. Music (Jaydip-Sanjay, A.D. Boyz, Raja Kaashif) is not upto the mark except for the title number. Cinematography is average. Editing ought to have been sharper. Production and technical values are ordinary.

Chargesheeet Review – Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Chargesheet will bomb miserably at the box-office.

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