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Jason Statham stars as The Mechanic, an assassin with a strict code and unique talents, in this re-imagining of the 1972 classic genre film which starred Charles Bronson in the title role.

When a United States government agency hires the Mechanic to take out a rogue spy or corrupt businessman, they sleep easy knowing the death will look like a tragic accident or a result of natural causes. The Mechanic’s study of a mark before a hit ensures that international incidents are avoided, scandals contained

But Bishop has reached a point in his career where he feels he’s had enough and is ready to retire on his substantial bank account and lead a normal life. But that just isn’t in the cards. So when he meets with his longtime colleague and only friend, Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland) for one final job, he soon gets his assignment only to find out his target turns out to be Harry.

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Of course, Harry has no idea until one night the electricity in his office shuts down and he finds himself being stalked as he makes his way down to the parking garage. And there he’s confronted by Bishop and they both know what Bishop has to do.

But that’s only the beginning of Bishop’s problems. Soon after he’s approached by Harry’s son, Steve McKenna (Ben Foster) who doesn’t believe that his father committed suicide as he’s been told. But rather Steve believes Harry was murdered and wants Bishop’s help finding and exacting revenge on the killer.

Bishop reluctantly agrees, but makes sure to keep Steve close to observe and test him first, expecting Steve will one day find out the truth and Bishop will have to kill him too. But strange thing happens. Bishop finds a lifetime of solitude and distrust fading in the light of the friendship he develops with Steve. Bishop even finds himself falling in love with Sarah (Mini Anden), a high-end escort he meets at a club.

Then Bishop decides to try throwing Steve off his quest  for revenge and then makes him believe that a man the government has assigned Bishop to kill is really Steve’s father’s assassin.  But when the hit goes awry at first Bishop and Steve are forced to fight side by side and only by working together are they the last ones standing.

Bishop is surprised to find he likes having a partner and Steve finds he likes being a mechanic. As the team takes on more hits, Bishop discovers that The Agency has started hiring him to kill some of their own agents. So he approaches his contact, Dean Sanderson (Tony Goldwyn) and says he wants to retire But as it’s made clear to him: “The only retired mechanic is a dead one.”

Bishop then realizes his future lies in killing Sanderson, no easy feat with all his heavy security. So Bishop enlists Steve to help him one last time, but little does he know that Steve has learned the truth about his father’s murder.

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