Siddharth Panigrahi is the only child of Rita and Ratnakar Panigrahi, an Oriya family whose father is a chief manager at Bank of India. Siddharth complains about parental neglect, and says his parents don’t love him, make him feel like an adopted child; but he also wants more pocket money as Rs. 5000 a month is not enough for him. He is possessive about his things – bike, computer, bedsheet and teddy bear.

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Ratnakar Panigrahi is a workaholic who has no time for his family, often working 18 hour days and out of station. Rita Panigrahi is a social butterfly in her colony who cannot survive without the company of people. Both have always wanted a girl child so desperately that they seem to want to adopt any girl whom they come across. They want Siddharth to spend more time with them, he spends the days locked in his room, surfing the internet and refuses to eat the food his mom cooks, cooking for himself.

Siddharth’s replacement parents – Surendra and Sunita Singh – are strict disciplinarians who have very clear ideas about how a child should behave. Their meeting begins with a confrontation and all their interactions – food, cleanliness, clothes, lifestyle, dressing, behaviour descend into verbal arguments. They take his bedsheet away and he goes ballistic, as if they’d shot his dog or something (the Panigrahs have no pets, by the way). The next morning, they force Siddharth to wake up and he gets extremely angry and smashes the table in the living room, then heads down to the parking lot and sulks, not talking to his replacement parents for a couple of hours.

Big Switch 2 Episode 4 Stills

He goes back up, and tries cleaning up the smashed glass and cuts his hand. His replacement parents take care of him, and he cries a little, argues a lot more and the day ends.

Siddharth meets Sheetal and immediately begins by abusing her rather than explaining what he wants her to do. She moves into the house, and the parents return to find her in rather skimpy clothes, booze and tandoori chicken remains scattered across the house. She’s the party animal from hell and wants to go shopping, eat only chicken and have a good time. The first day parents are thrilled with their new girl, but on the second day the happiness snaps and the mother starts arguing with her, asking her to spend time with her, and they all scream and rant at each other as happy day turns to nightmare.

Then Siddharth returns and goes crazy seeing the changes Sheetal has made. He sttacks her, flings her on the bed, she throws a bottle at him and he then chases her out of the house with a knife!

The showdown the next day – Siddharth loses.

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