Ajay Devgan in Singham
Ajay Devgan in Singham

Ajay Devgan’s Singham (read review) roared at the box-office on its first weekend, raking in a total of Rs. 31 crore (approx all-India net collections). This is the highest ever 1st weekend collection for an Ajay Devgan solo starrer.

Singham was off to a flying start on Friday (July 22) in single-screen cinemas but the multiplexes did not give it the same warm reception, mainly due to the confusion over whether it would be released in the multiplexes or not. Nevertheless, the solo Ajay Devgan starrer netted Rs. 9.25 crore on the opening day in spite of tension in circuits like Mysore and Nizam (which resulted in the film’s discontinuance at places) on day 1.This is the highest ever initial for a solo Devgan starrer.

Saturday saw collections rise slightly to Rs. 9.50 crores. Sunday saw more people pour into the theatres.

The film netted a total of Rs. 12.25 crores on Sunday.

Day All India net collections (in Rs. Cr)
Friday 9.25
Saturday 9.50
Sunday 12.25
Total 31.00

Economics of Singham

The producer of Singham, Reliance Entertainment will be laughing all the way to the bank because of the rosy economics of the Ajay Devgan starrer. While the film was made for a total of Rs. 46 crore (including production, publicity and release costs), the producers have already made Rs. 22-23 crore from the sale of the film’s satellite rights.

Given the first weekend’s all-India net collection (Rs. 31 crore), the first weekend’s share will come to Rs. 17 crore (which is more than 50% of the net collections because the film did roaring business in the single-screen cinemas). The producers have already recouped Rs. 39-40 crore of the Rs. 46 crore investment made. Then add to this the share from the overseas collections and the monies made from the sale of music and home video rights, and it is clear that Reliance Entertainment has a winner on its hands.

As far back as June 3, when the first trailer of Singham was out, here’s what we had predicted about the movie:

The trailer of Singham is a winner. So impactful is it that some things emerge very clearly from it:

1. on the strength of the first trailer alone, one can confidently predict that the film will take a great opening (on 22nd July);

2. not just in the single-screen cinemas but the opening of this action fare in the multiplexes too will be enviable because the emotional under-current will lure the multiplex audiences, if not the action.

Read the rest of Koimoi.com’s prediction made a month-and-a-half back here.

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