Yes! You heard it right. Kajol saved Shah Rukh Khan’s life while they were shooting for their upcoming film Dilwale.The duo shot Dilwale’s romantic number Gerua in Iceland and well, naturally the weather conditions there made a lot of things tough.

In one of the scenes from the song, Shah Rukh and Kajol had to shoot behind a waterfall. The backdrop looks beautiful in the song but little did we know what happened behind the scenes while capturing it.


Since it was a waterfall, the area that SRK and Kajol were standing on was a little slippery and when SRK kneeled for a scene, he slipped but Kajol held his hand just in time. Well, you can see what exactly happened while shooting this beautiful song in this newly released making video.

Check out the making video of Gerua to see how Kajol saved SRK’s life. here :

When Kajol Saved Shah Rukh's Life In Iceland!
When Kajol Saved Shah Rukh’s Life In Iceland!



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