Vivek Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi

From the gangster in Company to the loverboy gangster in Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story, Vivek Oberoi has come a real long way. With a flurry of releases awaiting him this year, we got in touch with Vivek for a short tête-à-tête.


Doing a romantic film after such a long time, you must have become all mushy. How does it feel now?
It’s not at all a conscious decision but yes strangely people keep appreciating me in that bhai space. This is probably the best combination of putting together a gangster from Company with a loverboy kind of a person. So ultimately, what we get from the film is not a loverboy but a loverbhai! The film has a simple lucid storyline and it’s a sweet film revolving around two people, their conversations, their romance and their fights. Its about two unlikely people from two different worlds falling in love and diverging into one single being.

You are all set to have two back to back releases with Zila Ghaziabad also releasing next week. So are you nerve wrecked at the moment?
This is really exciting for me and this week has been a kind of a blessing with the arrival of my prince into the family. So just post that I am having the release of my romantic film Jayantabhai this Friday and then I have this highly dramatic, action packed Zila Ghaziabad. Both are completely from each other in terms of space. I am just trying to be as different as I can be each time people see me on screen. So Zila Ghaziabad is something I am really looking forward to after the appreciation I received for my performance in Shootout At Lokhandwala.

Vivek Oberoi as the gangster has always worked wonders, be it with Shootout at Lokhandwala or with Company. Sow ith both your films on release being on similar lines, what are you expecting out of them?
(Laughs) I am very hopeful about both the films. I have worked really hard for all these films. Be it my failures or my successful films, I have always given more than 100 percent to every film. I have always tried to experiment with my films and be a little different. And yes, both Jayantabhai and Zila Ghaziabad are two extremely different films. In Jayantabhai, I do play a gangster but here the gangster who beats up people, bustles up shops and doesn’t give a rethink to anything coming his way gets completely numb when he meets this girl he loves. He does not know how to speak to her. She is agirl from a polished background, highly educated and well mannered and he is a rasta chhap, tapori complete roadside romeo luchha lafanga kind of a guy. When both of them meet, two totally different worlds collide. So yes along with the gangster thing, there’s obviously this romantic element that comes along with the film.

The chemistry you share with Neha is crackling and there is also a lovemaking scene featuring the two of you. How has equations with Neha been on screen and off screen as well?
I absolutely love Neha Sharma. She is a complete sweetheart. I had such a good time working with her and of course we got along like crazy. I carried on a lot of pranks on her but she is so hardworking, sincere and such a joy to work with. She has surprised a lot of people with the performance in the film. Everyone who has watched her in the film during the screening has said she was so good in the film. It is just a matter of time that she would become a superstar.

So post the two films, what is keeping you on your toes?
Well, there are as many as six more films lined up after Zila Ghaziabad and people should expect nothing short of the best in me. But yes, coming to the projects that are already announced, I jump on to comedy with the mad team of Masti in Inder Kumar’s Grand Masti, which is a sequel to the precursor. There, we have this team of me, Aftab and Ritesh back together, monkeying around and trying to have too much fun out of the marital lines that we are trapped in. Post that, I have the biggest film of the year, Krishh 3 which everyone is so anticipated about. There I play the role of Kaal, the super villain whch is a role of a lifetime. Even Hrithik told me that he would have wanted to play Kaal but I just told him, Bad luck buddy, you have to be Krishh as always! (Laughs) So the best from me is yet to come and I am just trying to give it all out to belt each beautiful project of mine with all passion and love, for the love that you all have showered on me always!



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