Actress Trisha Krishnan encourages people to adopt animals from street shelters in an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The Khatta Meetha star appears with a rescued dog named Bambi. As a puppy on the streets, Bambi was tormented by a mob of schoolboys before being rescued by a passing motorist. The ad reads, “Be an Angel: Adopt a Homeless Dog”.

Trisha Krishnan PETA Shoot
Trisha Krishnan PETA Shoot

In an interview with PETA, Krishnan tells the heartwarming story of how she rescued her own dog, Cadbury. “I found him … in Hyderabad [while] I was shooting for a film”, says Krishnan, “We were just driving past, and we saw this small little puppy who was wounded … and he couldn’t walk, and he was lying in the rain.” After Cadbury received medical care, he spent every day with Krishnan on the set. “There was no looking back”, says Krishnan. “He came back home with me … and he is like the son I never had.”

Bollywood star Imran Khan had also adopted a street dog and named him Tony.

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