Employees of former beauty queen and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen have to take their job very seriously. So much so, that Sen insists that they engrave the name of her company on their bodies.

Sushmita Sen Tattoo Trouble

Yes, you heard it right. Sen’s employees have to compulsorily tattoo the words ‘I AM’ on their wrists. And no, the tattoo cannot be a temporary one. So, what if an employee leaves her firm? The tattoo stays.

Sushmita Sen, the first Indian to become Miss Universe in 1994, is the global face for the brand ‘I am She’, which organises an annual national pageant.

Sen also heads the I AM Foundation, which was “created with the sole intention of spreading unconditional blessings amongst those who need them.” Well, a few, at least, are counting their ‘permament’ blessings.

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