Salman Khan
Salman Khan

The ultimate czar of the domestic box office today, when it comes to earth shattering records and benchmarks being set, Salman Khan has been gearing up in his typical Salmanish avatar for the upcoming Sohail Khan venture.


Mental, probably Salman’s only release this year, is one of the most anticipated movies with the spotlight being on the actor, who has been setting out standards of film success with each progressive film. Whether it is the recently released above 150 crore earner Dabangg 2 or the almost hit and miss 200 crore money spinner Ek Tha Tiger, our Dabangg Khan has been on a sky rocketing business success at the domestic arena, much due to his mass appeal. Not just that, his five last releases with the likes of Bodyguard, Ready and Dabangg along with the 2012 releases have stormed the box office circuit with aplomb. Sohail Khan, on the other hand, does not want to let go off Salman’s huge starry appeal so easily.

Our little birdie reports that Sohail has been quoting an astronomical price of a whooping ‘130 crores’ for selling off the all India Theatrical Rights of his next featuring Salman. That surely might send all producers and distributors into a ‘Mental’ mode, given the huge sum of money involved. But one must not forget that Salman is unndoubtedly the creme-de-la-creme flavour of the season with mammoth box office successes filling up his CV. A film with him in the lead ceremoniously calls for a festival of sorts with an assured 100-150 crore in the producer’s kitty. Sohail, on the other hand has received numerous offers ranging upto a bizzarre 90 crores for the same but the producer in him does not want to settle for anything less than a 130 crore. That’s surely a good marketing strategy applied to rake in all the moolah.

With Salmania reigning over the film fraternity and box office at large today, it would not be a surprise if people queue up to invest in Mental, with such high stakes. After all if it’s a Salman Khan flick, it has almost no chance of falling out of place in the current scenario. But who gets prompted to invest in Mental and set their cash registers flowing in tandem, is what one needs to wait and watch.

Salman is filming for the same in Dubai where shoot started from mid February and the movie is all set for a release somewhere in the last quartet of 2013.




  1. SRK has not seen the kind of success Salman is having now in India. Sure SRK is a bigger Star overseas but how cares. We are all Indians and the Indian Market is the real thing for Bollywood. So Salman is the true King of Bollywood. SRK now is doing is best to come back and that is why he has signed “Chennai Express”. Films like that will assure him 100cr. He badly needs those and he knows it.

    • Apne ghar me to chuha bhi sher hota hai…..Asli star to SRK hai not in India but all over..So u fool jst shut up and accept the reality…


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