Ritesh Deshmukh is taking his stint behind the mike quite seriously. What started off as a fun outing a few weeks ago when he was pulled in to sing a few Marathi lines (along with Daler Mehndi and Sukhwinder Singh singing in Hindi) for the ‘Hum Toh Hain Cappuccino’ track in ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum‘, has taken a different route altogether.

Tusshar Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh At Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum Movie Stills
Tusshar Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh At Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum Movie Stills

The actor has gone ahead and rendered another full-fledged song in Marathi for the promotion of the film. The track in question is titled ‘Inga’.

“It was all done in jest when he stepped in to sing a few Marathi lines in ‘Hum Toh Hai Cappuccino’ for his upcoming adult comedy. As he seemed quite comfortable as a singer, the makers decided to add another song at the last minute. This time it was decided that the entire song would be in Marathi and Ritesh would not just sing but write the song,” informs our source.

Resultantly, the song was put together in a jiffy and a music video promptly shot. Incidentally, this time around only Ritesh features in it and his other co-stars are conspicuous by their absence.

“Tusshar, Sarah and Neha do not feature in the song but that is understandable as Ritesh comes with Marathi roots and through this song he is paying a tribute of sorts to his community,” the source continues. “No one has issues with him taking centre-stage.”

Incidentally even this song is fun-n-naughty, which goes with the core theme of the film. On the lines of ‘UP Bihar Lootne‘ (which had also inspired ‘Hum Toh Hai…’), ‘Inga’ will be unveiled online and on television this week. With each of the tracks so far featuring the entire cast, it would be interesting to see how Ritesh handles ‘Inga’ himself.

Inga Video Song – Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum

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