One interview with Ram Gopal Varma can probably give enough fodder for a reporter to keep them busy for a long long time. Every alternate statement of his would make a good bumper sticker with his unmasked jibes, self depreciating comments and smug repertoires.

Ram Gopal Varma: “If ‘Rakht Charitra Flops, I’ll Join The Gang”

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But don’t take the Rakht Charitra director too seriously, because neither does he. “I am a non-sensical filmmaker,” he says when asked whether ‘Rakht Charitra’ aims at addressing any of the social or political issues faced by the country, “The issues facing the country are not my cup of tea. I’m interested in powerful men and sexy women. I have no idea of politics and have never voted in my life.”

Ramu is probably the first Hindi filmmaker who has announced that his film would have a sequel even before the release of the first part. But that doesn’t deter the filmmaker, “The span of the film is too large to justify it in one part. There’s a man, and the man who killed him. I wanted to tell both their stories. The issues it (the film) raises in the first part it settles in the first part itself.” Ramu’s ‘Rakht Charitra’ is about Paritala Ravi, the political leader from Andhra Pradesh. The film traces the rise and growth of Ravi, played by Vivek Oberoi, and the assassination attempts surrounding him.

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The director has done his research for the film. He talks about gangs tracking down and killing a 74 year-old man only for the sake of revenge. “They said that they wanted to kill him before he died of natural causes! I don’t understand how they sustain the anger.” he says. “The scary part is that they’ll be holding guns and wearing Hawaii chappals!” he says with a nervous laugh, “They’re scary because of their unpredictability.” Then, as if in afterthought he jokes, “After meeting all of them, if ‘Rakht Charitra’ flops I’ll join their gang. If it becomes a hit I’ll become their front man, if it’s a flop I’ll join the gang. I already know so much about them!”

Guess he can put that on hold till the release of ‘Rakht Charitra, on 22nd October 2010; he can switch the camera for a gun later.

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