Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

From going around creating a hullaboo about every little faceoff that they had to blowing things out of proportion, the Media has always skimmed out juicy stories ever since the ugly spat that Bollywood’s Karan Arjun had around five years back. But on the auspicious occasion of Eid this year, while Shah Rukh gifts us with a trailblazer of sorts in Chennai Express, Salman surprised all of us by initiating a hug with his long time friend when they came face to face at Baba Siddique’s Iftaar party.


Ever since then, we have been curious about the state of affairs in the Khandom today as we see both our favourite heavyweights end their clash in such amicable style. When quizzed about the already famous hug now, Shah Rukh, in his candidly witty avatar smiled, “This is all a part and parcel of life. We meet new people, get close to them, we move away and we get back together again. But yes, having said that I would like to say I or Salman, we have never spoken about the incident even earlier and we would not be doing it now even. It is a part of my personal space which I definitely would like to keep personal. Personal relationships that I share with people be it my issues or my love for them, I have never talked about it on a public platform and I would not be doing that even now.”

Right after this when asked about Salman being invited for the Chennai Express premiere, Shah Rukh clarified, “You must be well informed by now that we are not having any premiere of the Chennai Express as of now. If and when we decide to have a premiere, we would be sending away the cards to all the invitees and then you all would get to know of it as well.”

With all being well between the two it seems, with Shah Rukh reportedly inviting Salman for his Iftar party in Dubai, Bollywood has become finer place than it was before. Watching our Karan Arjun coming together on screen again is one thing we are definitely rooting for now!

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  1. What ever he said is totally wrong ,agar ye personal space hai aur uski baat yaha nahi karna chahega to srgay ne jab salman k saat fight hui thi,uske baad k interviews ya karan k show pe salman se maafi kyun mangi,salman k paas jake k kyun maafi nahi mangi,agar srgay bas media k samne hi salman se maafi mangta rahah,uski himmat nahi k salman k paas jake maafi mange,maine srgay jaisa kameena insaan aaj tak nahi dekha wo bhi ek celebrity hoke,kya matlabi insaan hai yaaaaaaaaaaar tu,tere muh pe thukna chahiye srgay,tu frndship k laayak hi nahi hai.phir kuch log hai jo aise insaan ko pasand karte hai,kya kare wo bhi aise hi matlabi,ghamandi,hakle honge.

  2. This guy SRK though loved by millions!! But with all his action He is a real Kallakaar…On the other hand Sallu though hated by many is a genuine person.


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