While actors hold the reins of the film, it’s the supporting crew that takes the movie forward and anchors the film to tighten up the plotline. With a blitzkrieg of spotlight grabbed by the leading faces of the industry, what we tend to forget or ignore are the numerous talented creative team members who breathe life even into a loose narrative. And at times, the supporting actors take away all the credit by mesmerizing the audience better than the starry faces.


Now with a lot more star studded entrances into the supporting crew list this year, we revisit the Top 5 Supporting actresses of 2012 who not only wowed the masses with a brilliant performance but also were at par with the lead actors, if not better!

Kareena Kapoor – Talaash

Kareena Kapoor in a Still from Talaash Movie
Kareena Kapoor in a still from Talaash Movie

While one was wondering who the lead star of Aamir Khan’s Talaash is, the director clearly called the shots bringing Rani to the fore as the leading lady! Even though Rani was the leading lady of this suspense drama, it was Kareena Kapoor who stole the show with an uber chic act of a prostitute with consummate ease as she essayed Rosy. While critics critically attacked the film for its mystery revelation, they called Kareena’s role as the consort battleship that could never even show a sign of sinking! Supporting and making Aamir’s Talaash is successful, Kareena as the friendly ghost drew a lot of cheers from all and sundry.

Diana Penty – Cocktail

Diana Penty in a still from Cocktail Movie
Diana Penty in a still from Cocktail Movie

Some say Models don’t act but this leggy supermodel really made the statement a myth as she scorched screens alongside Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan in Cocktail! Touted as a blend of friendship, fashion and love, Diana Penty’s portrayal of the three central themes were aptly perfect. Diana easily metamorphosed from a typical introvert girl to a mature romantic lovelorn lady in the film, thereby hammering upon her acting prowess and what she has in store for all. With such a critically acclaimed supporting act up her sleeve, it would be nice to see how she fares in future.

Anushka Sharma – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Anushka Sharma in a still from Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie
Anushka Sharma in a still from Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie

The complete jackpot of the classic yet contemporary romantic filler by Yash Chopra, Anushka Sharma’s Akira was gritty, strong-willed, determined, spunky and deliciously effervescent. With not much of a contrast to Anushka in real life, she played Akira Rai to eased perfection and helped the chemistry between the lead Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan come out even stronger. Much a time you empathized with this wonder girl of sorts, but then you are shuddered with realizations of this vivacious doll eating away all the cake from the lead actress, somewhat on the acting front. She completely lived it, ‘Jiya Re’ style and how!

Ileana D’Cruz – Barfi!

Ileana D'Cruz in a still from Barfi! Movie
Ileana D’Cruz in a still from Barfi! Movie

With a career defining debut in an enthralling film like Barfi!, South superstar Ileana D’Cruz infused life into Shruti when she stepped into her shoes from frame one. Playing the docile yet urbane Shruti with elegance, poise and grandeur, this actress packed in the best support of its kind to lead actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. A piece of marvel, Ileana played her part to cinematic brilliance as she not only looked stunning, but performed with all her heart and passion. Barfi and Jhilmil could never have been the same, had Shruti not existed!

Richa Chadda – Gangs of Wasseypur

Richa Chadda in a still from Gangs of Wasseypur Movie
Richa Chadda in a still from Gangs of Wasseypur Movie

Fiery, feisty and a firecracker, Nagma Khan, the character from Gangs Of Wasseypur was all so enviable because of this one wonder woman. Transforming from a teenager to an old lady in the film, our Miss Fire set the stage on fire with such a scintillating performance backing the pivotal characters in the film, ushering in all the glory and fame. While one credits Manoj Bajpai and Nawazuddin Siddiqui  for their effective portrayal of sorts, one cannot even dare to miss our darling Richa Chadda from the film’s USP list!




  1. I dnt think dat kareena had a supporting role in talaash as she had bigger and better role than rani while rani had a lesser screen space.if rani s a senior actor n was playing as wife of aamir, it does’nt mean dat she was a leading lady.talaash was a suspense thriller n rani has nothing to do with dat story line and I dnt find anyone who has appreciated rani for the film.it was kareena’s name all around.


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