While on Tere Bin Laden, the actor playing Osama Bin Laden, or rather, his look-alike, in the film is Pradhuman Singh, a handsome lad from Delhi. Pradhuman is a newfind and he used to work in a software company in Delhi before he came into films. Of course, he has done theatre in Delhi but this is the first time he has faced the movie camera. When he asked his boss to relieve him from the job to take up the acting assignment, his considerate boss offered to grant him leave for four months during which Pradhuman could finish his work in the film. After that, Pradhuman could join the company once again – or so his boss desired. But Singh was sure that Bollywood was his calling. He thanked his boss and politely refused the offer. His logic: “I didn’t want to sail in two boats. When I had made up my mind to pursue acting as a career, there was no sense in clinging on to my job in Delhi.”Pradhuman Singh is hopeful that he will be noticed and his work, appreciated. “I am praying that I get more films. If I do, I will definitely shift base to Bombay,” says the first-time actor.

By Koimoi Team

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