Filmmaker Shadab Khan says he has tried to convey the importance of right to education through his upcoming film “Delhi 47 KM“.


“‘Delhi 47 KM‘ has many layers and one of them is ‘right to education’. In the film, we have shown that how a child named Mintoo is deprived off his education and forced into trading of arms by his father because the father is convinced that education will not do any good to him.

Shadab Khan speaks for 'right to education' through 'Delhi 47 KM'
Filmmaker Shadab Khan: Delhi 47 KM Speaks About ‘Right To Education’

“Through my film, I want to tell the audience that it is really important to stop the abuse and they should stand for their rights at the right time as it can save them from falling further,” Khan said in an interview here.


On the need to provide equal opportunities to common citizen of the country, he said: “I think ‘Be equal to all and privilege to none’ — that should be the idea to take the country forward. We as a society have not been completely successful to give education to the poor class.

“If authorities can’t give equal facilities to everyone, then at least they should provide proper education to every single child in India and that should be our top agenda.”

Delhi 47 KM” is a story about a region which is merely 47 km away from the Indian capital and in that region, there are dealing of drugs, illegal weapons, exploitation of children and prostitution.

The film is produced by Khan, along with Jigar Rawal, Sachin Saxena and Rajneesh Dubey.

Written and directed by Khan, and presented by CineCloud Films and Asma Ali Shaikh, “Delhi 47 KM” will hit theatres on July 20.




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