Prernaa Arora, as we have known, is a fierce and a strong headed woman, who has been duped to the few, with the prevailing intricate controversies in Bollywood. This is perhaps has to be one of her most honest and frank interview with mid-day, where Prernaa clears the air regarding the recent controversies surrounding her regarding Parmanu and much more.


To begin, in an interview with Mid-day, she was asked about the controversy surrounding her, which made her from quitting the upcoming film Parmanu, to which she replied, ”The film is about to release and I heartily the wish the whole team of Parmanu great success. It was towards the end that, keeping aside the egos and internal conflicts, I took a call of pulling out of the project, a decision which was taken whilst considering the betterment of every stakeholder in the film, and its release.”

Prernaa clears the air about the controversy surrounding KriArj’s exit from Parmanu
As Parmanu Releases, Prernaa Arora Opens Up About KriArj’s Exit!

When asked her what made her pull the plug from the film, given that she treated the film with as much as passion as her last projects, to this she replied ”There was a lot of love and respect for each other when the project started. We harboured the same intensity, as in my earlier films. But in life, some things are not meant to be. How much ever you try,setting it right, sometimes it just collapses.”


When asked about the investment made in the film, she said, ”Parmanu was planned upon as Rs 35 crore project committed by us to acquire the film, with an additional Rs 10 crore to spent on P&A. I have always been clear on my numbers. If everyone had to cooperate, there would have been no quarrels. Its’s past moving out, the film is set to release and I wish it all the success.”

“I shared cordial relations with John Abraham, until last January after which due to misunderstandings, and lack of communication, a rift was created between KriArj and John. This is when a number of vested interests took undue advantage of the situation and blew it up in the media.”

“The biggest mistake was that the battles should not have been fought in the media, if no resolution was arrived at, taken the legal route through the courts.At this point I feel i could have been more mature and I could have contacted senior industry people, who are very close to me, rather than making a ‘Tamasha’ out of this,where ultimately the film suffers.” said Prernaa in this heart-pouring interview with Mid-day.




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