Oh Em Gee. Aapne suna garam garam news? Bollywood ke hottest baby ko we can see this IPL season probably. SRK has been too chupa rustam about baby AbRam. Though from time to time, I hear ki uske dimples bilkul SRK jitne cute hai but I am also dying to see the bachcha.


As usual King Khan ke surprises ki aadat still exists. Meri toh gut feeling bata rahi hai that jaise har saal Suhana and Aryan come for IPL, iss saal Gauri ki lap mein baby AbRam bhi hoga. I toh have to keep the nazar ka tika and shagun money ready ya. Baby shouldn’t think Gossip Aunty is so kanjoos.

Shah Rukh Khan Gauri, Aryan and Suhana at IPL
Shah Rukh Khan Gauri, Aryan and Suhana at IPL

Mere sutro ne bataya SRK is already in Abu Dhabi. Arey aapko toh pata hoga hi since usne tweet shweet sab kiya. Usne bola na, “All nighter in Abu Dhabi. Haven’t slept 2 days but I know it will be fun with the IPL players so hard work comes easy.”

King ban gaya hai chokra but he still is so hard working and baba I am toh bas so proud of him. Uske dimples mein main aaj bhi fida honey ka jee karta but the star of this season at IPL will be Prince AbRam. Enough Modi Sarkar jokes, now comes mera sexy punchline – Abki Baar, AbRam Banega IPL Star.

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