Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya have been through a lot in their 3-year married life. The star celebrities have been working month after month, day in and day out. Accepts Abhishek, “We practically live out of our suitcases.” Does that mean that work is always on his mind? “No,” he says, “I never take my work home.” But the Raavan (Watch Raavan Making Video) actor certainly does take home to work.

Sample this: Newlyweds Abhiskek and Aishwarya left for a remote island for a romantic weekend. Once there, Ash and Abhi decided to go for the romantic candle light dinner on a private beach, one windy evening. But things got unromantic when sand ended up in their plate instead of under their feet! Jokes Abhishek, “There was sand in our food, sand on our clothes… even the candle got blown out. We had to leave halfway through dinner.” To summarize, in Abhishek’s own words “It was disastrous!”

We’re wondering whether Abhi-Ash have considered a romantic date in a hot-air balloon?

By Koimoi Team

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