It’s been 4 years since the release of Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha and it seems like I have known the film for ages. It’s amazing yet weird that I relate so much with this masterpiece that every time I watch it, I always find something new. And even at this point while I am writing, I am clueless as to what to write first and what next.


With Tamasha, Imtiaz had so much to say and he said that so beautifully that it’s a task to even find words to appreciate it. It’s tougher because so many people have already said so much about the film in the past 4 years.

4 Years Of Tamasha: How Irshad Kamil's Songs Played A Big Part In Making This Imtiaz Ali Film A Forever Love
4 Years Of Tamasha: Imtiaz Ali’s Film Has Become A Forever Love & Major Credit Also Goes To Lyricist Irshad Kamil’s Writing

So, I’ll just go simple and will talk about the beautiful role Irshad Kamil’s songs played.

Tamasha’s soundtrack I feel is one of the most underrated soundtracks of Bollywood. While it was loved by many, it didn’t get its due respect from the world. Apart from Agar Tum Saath Ho, none of the songs from the film hit the popularity charts. But to simply put, Tamasha’s soundtrack was nothing short of a Gem and Irshad’s lyrics were realistically mesmerising.

As Tamasha completes 4 years, we’ll discuss the high points of the film’s song lyrics and how it played an important part in Imtiaz’s narrative.

1 Matargashti

Even though it comes out as a fun & masti track and you don’t go and try to understand lyrics, it has a lot to say.

While Ved’s character sings, “Matargashti khuli sadak mein, tagdi tadak bhadak mein, aule girre sulagte se, sulagte se sadak mein” he is basically trying to tell the story of life in general.

Chatri na thi bagal mein, aaya hi na akal mein
ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum, akkad mein toh socha phir
geela hua hain jo sukhana.. chahe zanana ya mardana
Phenka naya paasa, phir de gayi jhaansa
ainveyi mujhe phaansa, Teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi”

These lines by Irshad Kamil tell how we are never ready for life’s challenges and no matter we are men or women, we have to face them. But even if we stay prepared, life has its own way of surprising and shocking us and that’s why he says “Teri aisi ki ho taisi zindagi

Agar Tum Saath Ho

Behti rehti nehar nadiya si teri dunia mein..
meri dunia hai teri chahton mein, main dhal jaati hu teri aadato mein.”

How beautifully these lines describe the pain of Tara! She is so much in love with Ved that she has forgotten her own identity and her dreams. She is the mirror of Ved’s mind as she tells that you have big dreams but I am there to adjust myself when it’s about your happiness.

And then Ved speaks what his messed up thoughts tell him, “teri nazro mein hain tere sapne, mere sapno mein ha naaraazi,
mujhe lagta hai ke baate dil ki hoti lafzo ki hai dhokhe baazi“. Interestingly, “Lafzo ki dhokhe baazi” means what he thinks he did with Tara during the trip to Corsica.

Heer To Badi Sad Hai

In this song, Irshad Kamil has beautifully described the impact on the mind of Tara after she comes back from Corsica. Even though she committed to Ved “What happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica”, she has come back with a lot of emotional baggage. She is already in love with Ved and is not able to get him out of her mind. The emotional turmoil she’s going through is very well described by Irshad all through the song. The whole song is so amazingly written that if I pick one line to appreciate, it will be an injustice to the rest of the song.


And then Safarnama. This has to be one of the most beautiful songs in the film and also one of the best songs of the decade. The lyrics are simply terrific.

Jisey dhoonda, zamaane mein, mujh hi mein tha.” How beautiful, simple and relevantly written this line is. And how beautifully it has been placed in the film.
“mere saare jawaabon ka safarnama…


Andhere mein, ujaalon ka safarnama
Savare sa purana bhi nayaa bhi hai..” just brilliant!

Wat Wat Wat

Even this song has rich lyrics as it perfectly combines and tells the story of auto-rickshaw walla and Ved.

Chammak choriya se nazariya ladavat
udti chirhiya ke haldi pakad ke lagavat
o re beauty apni duty to pe line maar ke nibhavat hai”

And this one.

ham hami se tohri batiyan karke bakht bitaave hain
khude hi haste khude hi rote, khude hi khud ko sataave hain..
tohre kaaran basti saari ham ka karat majaak re..
pehle aape phurte the ham, apni poori dhaak re.

This song is again very well placed and leaves the audience in aww.

Chali Kahani

This has to be one of the most underrated Bollywood songs of All Time. But if you have watched Tamasha with all your heart, you will understand what great part it plays in making the film a memorable watch. The way Irshad Kamil has brought together all the childhood stories of Ved is commendable to say the least.

Birha ka dukh kaahe ho baankiye, dikhe mohe tuhi jiya mein jo jhaankiye..

Pal Pal ginti hoon aathon hi pahar, kitne baras huye mohe haan kiye

And there are many more beautiful lines in this one.

Tu Koi Aur Hai

Another gem from Tamasha. This one has a very special place in my heart as I think Irshad must have written it with all his heart. From start to end, this one is an epic and very rare musical ride which is a guarantee of goosebumps.

Tu jahaan ke waaste, khud ko bhool kar, apne hi saath na aise zulm kar
khol de wo girhe, jo lagaaye tujh pe tu
bol de tu koi aur hai..
chehre jo odhe tune woh, tere kahaan hain
saamne aa khol de sab, jo hai dil mein bol de ab

If you are one of those chasing your dreams while being in the shackles of the world, this one is a big gift from Irshad.

Thanks, Imtiaz Ali, Irshad Kamil, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone & AR Rahman for coming together and giving us the best “Tamasha” of our life so far.

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